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Monday, November 29, 2010

Lyra and Lysha Off to California!

Celena took Lyra to get a Mohawk again last week.. Lyra sheds bad so Celena has kept her shaved. She and Michael adopted Lyra from the shelter in California b/f Michael was deployed to Afghanistan this last time. Celena brought Lyra here with her when she came to stay while Michael was deployed. Lyra (brown and white Husky) and Lysha (greyish wolf looking Husky)are both full blooded Husky's. And of course Lysha is the abused Husky that Celena and I rescued and took in this past March. Michael just loves the dogs, here they are as they are all off to California yesterday. I miss Lysha but so happy for her and of course I miss my baby Celena, miss them all actually! It sure is quiet here! Lysha is soooo happy and healthy now, Celena also had her fixed so no more puppies.. Lysha will be living in a beautiful home right on the beach in Oxnard, California with Celena, Michael and Lyra. What a Lucky Dog!! LOL!! They spoil them terribly...A VERY Happy ending for a terribly abused and neglected dog. Lots of Love and attention for her now for the rest of her life.

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  1. Carmen, I am tearing up over Lysha's story and the happy ending thanks to you and Celena for rescuing her from a life of hell on earth, and look at her now, it just warms my heart!!! I know you will miss them all, but so glad Michael is back safe and sound!!!!