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Monday, August 30, 2010

Quite A SCARE,Corkey and Zoey to the Rescue!

I have had trouble sleeping for quite some time, last night I had to leave church service a little early b/c I was sick to my stomach and not felt well all day so I came home and actually fell asleep on the couch. My daughter Celena has been out of town for several days so I was home alone..When I awoke it was two in the morning , I decided I would go on to my bed but wanted to let the dogs, Corkey and Zoey, out first. No sooner than I opened the front door they darted out and leaped off the side of the porch with their hair standing up on their backs and ran to the side of the house in a terrible angry rage barking and growling angrier than I have ever heard them and actually attacked a prowler outside my kitchen window!!! They double teamed him, I screamed and ran back in the house locking the door and was worried sick about the dogs but wasn't about to go out there! They chased him down the street, he knocked down my little white decorative fence in the front yard in his attempt to get away, Oh was I scared! Needless to say that didn't help with this insomnia problem I have been having. Now I will be lucky to ever get a wink of sleep! LOL!!! The dogs came back pretty quick, alive and well Thank God! I was so glad to see them. Lucky for that person Lysha didn't get out there too b/c she is a big Siberian Husky dog and will go right for the throat! Corky can be extremely viscuous when needed as in the incident this morning and has always been very aggressive protective. I have never heard such a racket and scary sounds as that this morning. I thought they were eating some one alive and I guess they nearly did. Zoey has gotten much more aggressive than she used to be but only when she feels someone is not supposed to be around here, otherwse she is sweet and loving. Sooo, hopefuly that person won't be back, hope he peed on himself when the dogs suddenly appeared and attacked! LOL! Blessings and a Good SAFE Night to All!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Doll Pattern

Finished her up last night, this is Mandy Mae, she is a BIG 36", easy to make I will be posting the pattern for sale on my blog later today.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Fabric Storage

Here is just one of the racks I have for fabric. Wish I had a dollar for every bolt of fabric I've got! There are two of these racks full of bolts and more bolts of fabric tucked in large wooden crates and even in my Amish Goat Wagon, along with remnants and folds everywhere.

4 New Dolls Finished tonight

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Working on dresses for a wholesale order. Very HOT day out there and still so muggy this evening. Any mood I was starting to feel for the Fall season is definitely shot now! Celena and I rented and watched "The Last Song" tonight and we both sat there crying our eyes out! Oh that movie is soooooo sad! Never expected Miley Cyrus to do a movie that heartbreaking! Still babysitting Rocko who spent part of the day playing with Dustin's car while kitty Miley watched the clothes wash. Well back to work on those dresses I suppose! Blessings to everyone.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Rainy Lazy Day and babysitting Rocko!

One of Lysha's puppies went to a friend of ours that Celena has known since school days. The people went out of town and wanted us to babysit the puppy, named him Rocko! He was the first puppy to leave the nest, sniff sniff, but we knew he had a good home. My goodness how he has grown! He came this morning and will be here until Wednesday evening or Thursday morn. Lysha remembers him, it was so sweet to see their re-union. Always wondered if animals remembered their babies once they were seperated. Here are a couple pics of Rocko, he has that one beautiful blue Husky Eye! Such a sweetie. Well it is a very rainy wet day, one for crawling on the couch and covering up with a quilt to watch TV..... BUT I have a big wholesale order awaiting so I need to get busy! I slept in way too late today, then had to run errands and dodge storms, and finally home. Sandy is already nagging me to death about working but hey, I need the kick of motivation from some where. Blessings to all.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Aww, Finally!! FOOTBALL!!!!

Oh it is finally getting here!! Yippeee! I am a hopeless Football fanatic! Last night I caught a pre season game on and I was sooooo happy! Finally something on TV worth watching! LOL.. And with Football always comes the thoughts of Fall and Holidays for me. I could almost smell Candy Corn and Autumn Pumpkin Spice in the air as I watched the game. I even curled up with a quilt and laid on the couch for a little bit of the game. Celena is tearing and cutting fabric strips today to make the bead garlands and lighted Rag Strip Garlands for the Fall shows. Looks like she will have lots to sell this year. Here is the newest addition to my little household, Miley is a full booded Rag Doll breed Cat. So precious! Zoey just loves everything, no matter what it is! Wish we were all that way, what a better place the world would be huh?? LOL!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finished Dolls for Show

Finally have 4 new finished dolls for Fall Show stock. I started these weeks ago at Sandy's house, just now got around to doing the faces, hair and clothes! The two larger ones are from a Polka Dot Pig pattern, (formerly My Raggedy Kids) and pattern is available on Sandy's " The Olde Country Cupboard" website. The two smaller dolls are from a ThreadBare Primitives pattern but I did one of the faces similar to one of Sandy's new doll patterns. Actually I suppose all I did by either of the patterns were the bodies, I have done the faces and hair different than the original patterns and I also changed the feet on one of them. I really love the simplicity and prim look of the Raggedy Kids doll patterns and they are a great size. So easy to make up too. Well, long road ahead to have a full booth huh?? LOL! GoodNight and Blessings to everyone!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Celena finished Wall Quilt

Celena finished her very first Wall quilt. The border is a little bit un even and she isn't happy with that but all in all I think it is great for her very first one. I love the eyes and eye lids she did.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Celena's Wall Quilt...

Sandy called me the other night and said "You know where " must be freezing over.......... b/c both our daughters all the sudden want to sew and make tarts! WHAAAAAAAAAT?????? ALL these years they acted like they wouldn't be caught dead doing what we do and hated being drug around to the fabric stores and such but all the sudden this past couple weeks they both got the bug to sew and make tarts! LOL!!! Must be something in the air or water do you think????! I am just stunned! Sandy's daughter Samantha is doing bag holders and aprons to start with (check my side bar for her blog and give away )and my child,Celena, is doing an applique wall quilt of Owls. Celena likes owls and black birds now so that is going to be some of her decor I suppose. She likes colorful stuff so she made the owl wings with some color and wanted a nice big moon behind the owls, this one is going to just be for her own apratment when they go back to California , then she hopes to make more to sell. I think she is doing a great job so far! This is her first creation, I helped her get started with how to go about it but she did all the actual work herself. Today she drew out the pattern and cut the pieces out and we pinned them to the background and of course she had to go visit a friend tonight for a movie, but I suppose tomorrow she will start stitching and then we will put the Owl eyes and backing and border on it and post her finished picture when it is all done. She is so excited about it. She also wants me to make tarts with her this weekend..Oh MY!!! So hopefully we will do that too. I have been meaning to get some made, need them for the Fall and also I am out of them for my own use at home so hopefully we will get some done. Sandy's child and mine have been around this crafting all their lives so it isn't new to them about how to make a lot of it but they just have never ventured out on their own like this b/f. Celena has done stitcheries for me as long as I can remember since she was about 8 years old and I believe Sandy's daughter has too but this is a whole new window for them now with their own creations and ideas!! That's all for tonight!! Blessings to all of you!

Feedsack order

Got 24 of the sawdust filled feedsacks done last night, now I have a Colonial Blessings Vac Cover to dress and it will be off to a Shop in Canada with these Feedsacks. The order sure came in handy since I have had all this expense for Dental work the past two weeks..OUCH! Blessings to all..

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vac covers finished and shipped

Here are a couple of vac covers that were sent out Monday. And just have to say for record, this is a Brand New post today long b/f the Prairie doll listing at side bar..LOL!!!! Pattern is from my "Primitive Garden ANNIE VAC COVER PATTERN" available on my website

Visit from Dustin!

My precious little baby grandson Dustin came to visit me last week , stayed until this past Sunday afternoon. His Aunt Celena(my daughter) and her friend Alicia took him to the skating rink Friday evening and then out to Burger King to eat and play on the playground. When he got back to my house I could tell his eyes were getting sleepy, he snuggled up with me on the couch to watch a movie and ended up falling sound asleep. So precious I had to take a pic. He loves grandmas' quilts as you can see and always wants to curl up with one every time he comes to visit. I know, these are pics only grandmas appreciate but I just wanted to share it. I love him sooooooo much!


My dear Son In Law Michael received an award the last week and also earned a promotion. This is his award ceremony, they are still in Afghanistan where this took place. Was nice to see a smile on his face though. We Love you Michael!!