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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Working! I can't believe it!

Ohhh I have been so tired and so lazy for SOOOOO Long! These allergies I guess from all this weather and pollen perhaps, don't know, but I have been so tired, pressure in my sinuses, and just dragging for weeks now, don't feel like myself. Today I actually felt a bit better and have been sewing this evening. I am working on wholesale orders for Sandy Patton and also for my old friend, Sandy Schmidt... doing a little sewing for her. Celena and I have gotten into bad habits of sleeping in late anymore so we are trying to get ourselves out of bed earlier and get busy...which ever one of us gets up first tries to go get the other one up.... oh gee is it hard! I have those wonderful fleece sheets on my bed and oh my stars, it is soo hard to get out of those, they are soo warm and cozy, there is nothing else like them! Makes me want to just stay in bed and sleep and sleep. I had bought the egg carton padding and all for that bed Celena is sleeping in so she is too comfy to want to get up early too. We are just lazy anymore I guess!! Better get my self up from this computer and back over to the chair next to me at the sewing machine! Have an order I need to finish up on and mail off tomorrow. Celena just took all our doggies out to do their business, including Lysha......feels like a dog pound around here anymore! Have a Blessed evening everyone!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Michael and Celena

My baby girl Celena misses Michael so much (and so do I), he will be gone for at least 8-10 months this time and just left a couple weeks ago for Afghanistan, US Navy, ground forces. Here is a pic of the two of them when they were about 15 years old and also a pic of them at their wedding when they were almost 21. Oh My Stars, where does the time go! My poor babies are all grown up!!! That picture was actually taken at Sandy's house one day when Celena, Michael and I all went to visit ... I remember so well the day it was taken, seems like yesterday! Matter of fact, that Love seat they are sitting on is now in MY HOUSE!! LOL!! CRAZY!!!! Michael had just enlisted in the Navy, completed Boot Camp and another training class when He and Celena married so he had to have the old buzz hair cut, I personally love his hair longer and shaggy like it always was when he was a kid growing up. He had the most gorgeous beautiful head of hair thick dark wavy hair. But I am sure it will all grow back when he gets out of the Navy..heee.. They don't have any children yet, I think they are trying to decide if they are up to that challenge and also want to wait until he is out of the Navy b/f they think about having a family of their own. Celena is certainly in NO hurry what so ever to have children! LOL! We Love You Michael!!!

Those Left Behind, Again

This is my sister Teresa's beautiful daughter, Vanessa, and grandson, Baby Gabriel. His daddy, Jerry, is in Afghanistan with the US Air Force....they miss Jerry so much..we all do.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Bob and me

This is my brother in law, Bob, my sister Teresa's husband. He patrolled Alligator Alley as you go into Everglades City. I think every day was a good day for a drug bust along there! My sister ran for Mayor of Everglades City at one time.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Finally got the Barn door completed, painted and my chicken hung.

Finally was able to have this task out of the way and the house re arranged some what and cleaned up b/f my company got here. Whew! Glad the work is over! Sure did enjoy my sister and her hubby being here, it was a great treat for me. I feel so much better having seen her again.

My Bedroom

Parts of Kitchen

Some of Living Room re arranged

Part of Living room, re arranged

Finally, this room has been cleaned out, re decorated and turned into the guest bedroom I always wanted it to be!

This is the bedroom that Celena is sleeping in while she is staying with me now while Michael is away in Afghanistan.

Dustin in a kennel cage

Well have you seen that TV commercial for the Airline where the lady has dressed her son in a doggy costume and puts him in a kennel cage to fly him cheaper on the trip?? Well here is my grandson ready for his airplane trip.. he is in Lyra's kennel cage! LOL! I think he has played in that thing for two days now.

My Sister's Visit

My sister Teresa, her hubby Bob. Kelly (my oldest daughter) and Brianna, my grandbaby.

Sniff, Sniff.. My sister went home...

I had a wonderful visit with my sister and her hubby the past 4 days. Haven't seen them in over ten years, actually closer to 13 years! It was a great re-union and I was so sad when they left this afternoon. But we are only about 6 hrs away, and much less with her hubby driving! LOL! Hoping they may come back for Christmas. It is a little far away yet so we will have to see what everyone has going on closer to that time, my sister and I both have a son in law in Afghanistan right now but we are hoping they will both be back in the USA for the holidays and we can all get together, that would be soo cool! We had our big dinner here Wednesday evening. There were 7 of us for dinner. Not a big group but certainly enjoyed it. Had lots to eat and afterwards of course we all laid around on the couches and recliners and moaned and groaned. Dustin, my grandson, is staying with me until spring break is over so he will probably be going home Sunday. Celena, my baby, is here also but leaving for Albany, about 40 minutes away, to stay for the weekend to see her friends. I am sure she will be back and forth from here to Albany during her stay with me while her hubby Michael is in Afghanistan as most of her friends she grew up with are in Albany. Well I have lots of dolls to be working on... better get busy! Blessings to each and every one of you!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Curly Gets Sheared

I always hate having it done but Curly has to have his wool sheared twice a year. He gets so upset and stressed during the shearing and it usually ends up a little brutal for him but it has to be done, That hair gets itchy and way too hot for him for these summer months, Eddie came out a few days ago and did the deed. Here are some pics b/f and after.