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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blue Berry picking in the Rain!

Getting pounded with rain and winds for a couple days now from those feeder bands off the tropical storm out there in the Gulf. Finally got a little break in the rain today for about an hour maybe so I ran out there to pick blueberries after running errands all afternoon..., the berries hadn't been picked in days so I was hurrying as fast as I could and when I was almost done it got real dark all... the sudden, another big heavy cloud had come in and it started pouring down rain so I just stayed out there and finished picking, it was close to 6 or so ths evening and I was losing some light so it was hard to see the little berries but I got a lot of them, about 2 pounds again. Seems to be my quota each time! But you know what, that cold rain felt soo good, I felt like a little kid again playing in the rain so I just stayed out there until I was satisfied with the picking and then I went to my garden and picked squash in the rain and finally came inside. That rain shower felt so refreshing! There was no lightening or thunder at the time so it was just plain ole enjoyable staying out in it!

Friday, June 22, 2012

God's awesome creations!

After my company left and the sun finally came up this morning  I went out to hang some laundry and noticed a huge bee on my sunflower so I got a great close up of it, so kewl!! The fence is in the way a little but that is what the line across it is. Then on my front porch I have this old wooden birdhouse for decoratiion.. so I thought, been there for many years, I saw some dried grass sticking out of it today so I started to pull it out and there was a lot of it stuffed in there so I turned the birdhouse on it's side and a tiny little baby bird fell out and there  was at least one more in there I saw! They were sooo teeny tiny! I had gently tunred it over so it didn't hurt the baby when it came out so I put him back in and set the birdhouse back on the bench where it had been and watched for the mamma to come feed them, hoping I hadn't disturbed them too much. I managed to get a good video clip of  her going in and out feeding them so I feel better now that all is well at the bird house! They are so tiny and cute!! Then the Happy Dancing flower in my window is what my sister bought for me yesterday when we went to BarnYard Creations Gift shop in Sylvester, she also got me a delicious smelling candle. The dancing flower  is solar powered and dances when the sun is hitting it. It makes me smile when I look at it, so cute! It is a very small one.. just perfect size.... sits on the top of the window and is so cute when it is just smiling and dancing away! Double sided tape holds it in place in the window..clever idea! I love the Smiley Face base on it, they had colored ones or the yellow smiley and since it made me smile every time I see it I wanted the Smiley Face! Have had a very fabulous and Blessed  few days with my sister and Bob. Teresa went to church with me Wednesday night after we got in from road running all day so I was so happy about that. They go to church but it was just nice to have her visit my church  here with me! Hope everyone has had a Blessed, Friday again already! I have go tot get super busy.. got soo mch to do! Blessings to all!
I had a wonderful three days with my sister Teresa and her hubby Bob. They are the type of people who are on the go all the time, so for three days that is what I did too! We went to Valdosta and ate at  the new Olive Garden, spent the day there going to Hobby Lobby, Goodwill, Shoe Carnival, and  just all sorts of places, even some of which I have never been in b/f. The next day was on to  a little town called Sylvester where we go for our traditional Stop N Shop at a wonderul little gift shop called "BarnYard Creations".  Barbara the owner is a friend of mine and she sells the wonderful Swan Creek candles so we got some candles and then Barbara told us of a fantastic restaraunt close by called "Fat Boy's Bar B Q" so we ate there for lunch and oh was it ever delicious!!  Tuesday night I had cooked a big dinner and had Celena and Michael over also , we had a great family get-together! Was so much fun having everyone here again.Last night after we got in from road running all day we picked blueberries and finally stopped to rest, put our feet up and just relaxed and chatted for a while. It was an awesome time with them, we ate a lot of rich delicious foods and stayed on the go.  Teresa bought  one of those fabulous chocolate cakes with the Butter Cream frosting from Publix.. my favorite cake in the world!!! Can't wait for them to come back again. I am sure I gained back a few pounds of the weight I have lost! But it was soo worth it.  They wouldn't let me pay for anything the whole time they were here so all my meals and things weer free.. that was so generous of them!! I had to act like a real tourist and took pics of us at Olive Garden, Hobby Lobby, pics of my sunflowers again, the big dinner I cooked Tuesday night, etc....They left early this morn to go home, I was actually up at ten after four this morning, they had just gotten up also and were getting the car loaded for the trip home. I loaded them up with blueberries, green tomatoes and things from my garden.  I said my good byes around 5 this morn,(boo hoo sniff sniff) and watched them leave. So sad. But so thankful they got to come, I had an absolutely wonderful time. I can't wait for therm to come back again. Love having them here. Blessings to everyone......

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Having a great time with my sister Teresa and her hubby Bob who atre up for a visit for a few days.Took some pics of us, my garden, my sunflowers are blooming as of yesterday, pics of my yard.. part of it anyway.. I have a huge one! And of course Curly , my goat, being nosey as usual. He loves having his picture taken! I am having a wonderful time with my company. Celena and Michael were here for dinner tonight as well. Michael and Chris mowed my lawn for me while I was in Valdosta getting my three hour IV infusion treatment yesterday . UGh, what a way to spend the day. But I REALLY appreciate them mowing the lawn for me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Had a very nice day yesterday and 2day. Sandy and Todd were here yesterday, had a great vist and Todd took us out to eat at Waffle House yesterday evening. Sandy brought me a few goodies.....we always exchange a few items... the jar candle and the tart with the crow were from her plus she gave me a few tarts.. all smell soo yummy! Sandy and I went to our favorite Thrift Store of course!  Hate to see them go home, wish they could stay longer. Today I received my mail..and woot wax mason jar with the flicker candle and a couple scented wax items came  from Carmen Smith of "Waxed Out Creative Life" blogspot! Love her work, the packaging was so beautiful, primitively perfect.... I hated to unwrap it but of course I did. Am enjoying all of my two days worth of goodies sooo very mcuh, they all smell so good. Then there is a pic above of  my Miley with little Cleo.. Miley has finaly decided to accept Cleo being here. Cleo just loves to try to curl up with the dogs  and Miley.. just who ever will let her! This time it was Miley. Have a Blessed Day everyone!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The sound on this new computer is totally awesome!!! Listening to some of my fav  music. It sounds like a really awesome surround sound system!! That is what I didn't like about the laptop and any other puters I have, the sound is so low but this one is honestly like a surround sound! You wouldn't be able to stand it full volume in the same room with it!!
Got my sandals I had been wanting soo bad! They were $34.99 at Shoe Carnival in Valdosta but the sale was for $19.99 and the second pair for only half price of that soo Woot Woot!! I got two pair! They are very comfy which I was surprised b/c the RA has made my feet to where I can't wear very many types of shoes but thank God these are fine! It is nice to be able to go buy something you like and get it on sale!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wow!! Been a while! Had issues with my other computer so I had to buy a new one, this time I bought a brand new one, a Dell and I love it! Has sooo much Kewl stuff on it. It has a huge screen and is an "all in one" wireless so I can just take it from room to room, has the wireless mouse and keyboard too. A couple  months ago Celena and Michael gave me a practically brand new Toshiba laptop. A friend of Michael's in the Navy shipped out to Afghanistan so the laptop wasn't going with them and they gave it to Michael, he and Celena gave it to me cause they didn't want it. Sooo, I am well covered in computers for now! I started my IV treatments yesterday. Was sooo scared and nervous about possible side effects or reactins to the drug, but I did fine. Celena and Michael drove me to Valdosta where I am getting the infusions.. have to go every two weeks for 2 hour  IV treatments  for six week and then I only have to go once every 8 weeks, for life. Had a great day with Celena and Michael though, we had lunch afterwards and then went to do a little shopping. I started to get a headache and heart palps and a few things like that later that evening after I was home, I am assuming that was all from the medication in my Treatment but it wasn't bad. So I was much more relieved. Also got weighed in at the doc office yesterday and have lost another 7 pounds so that was very happy news! Been losing weight steady now. Glad to be back on here and able to Blog again! Blessings to all!