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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sandy and me, ready to go to dinner on the ship.Oh the food was Fantastic!

This is all of us but Sandy.. Samantha, me, Christina and Kaylan.

Why I posted this pic I have no idea! UGH! But this is the hallway where our cabin was located. Sandy and I had a cabin to ourselves to share and the girls had another to share of their own. As Sandy said, we woke each other up snoring!! We had a nice size two bed cabin, the girls had a balcony outside their cabin and 3 beds squished into it.. I was happier with the two beds and more room!

Looking up at all the decks from a lower deck inside the main area of the Ship. There are so many shops and bands playing, comedy shows, casino, just so much going on all the time. Always live bands playing different music styles through out the ship. Was great.

The glass elevator, we must have rode on that a hundred times getting from deck to deck. It was all so colorful and beautiful. My camera memory card was full by the first day so I am waiting for Sandy to send me all the pics she took on the cruise so I can post some more! Plus she has all those pics I haven't seen yet. I must say that on the cruise I have never seen so much bare skin and bathing suit fabric stretch so many differnet directions! Was all fun though.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pics for the Road.

Sandy and her hubby Todd, my daughter Celena and then little Chloe, Celena's little sis in law. She is so darling, has an english accent. Her mom is english and they lived in England until she was 7. She is such a sweetie.

Outside Cracker Barrel in Lake Park, Celena (standing) and Chloe (sitting), we were waiting for Todd and Sandy to arrive.

Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm back, we are open!

Sandy and me ready to go to Dinner on the Cruise ship.

Me at the port in Nassau, Bahamas. Sandy took the pic. Waiting for my Ship to come in... always thought I would be at the airport when it did! LOL.. no, actually that IS my ship behind me. My oh My those ships are HUGE! I went on one almost 25 years ago and had forgotten how big they really are. Had a great time with my BFF Sandy and we enjoyed Samantha, Kaylen, and Christina's company also what little time we met up with them but we did all have dinner together everynight so that was cool. Was a great time with a GREAT freind. But I think we were all 5 of us exhausted and ready to come home by the end of the cruise..Sandy and I aren't used to the NIGHT LIFE any more that we experieneced on the cruise! Heee!! But we had a blast enjoying it.

Had a great time on the cruise, back home.. hope all is well with everyone! Blessings, Carmen.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Going to be Away! Closed August 17-22nd

Just wanted to say if you order any e-patterns from Thursday 18th - 22nd August..Monday, I will not be able to send them out until I return on the 22nd. I will be going on a Bahama Cruise!! WOOT WOOT!! Sandy and I are going on a much needed vacation, she is bringing me along with her, is that a wonderful friend or what??!!! Her daughter is going with a few friends for the bride's maid thingy so Sandy wanted to go and make sure things are okay.. crazy people out there anymore!!! Sooo, we will be old Bahama Mamma's for a few days! God Bless and hope you all have a very Blessed week and weekend!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Pattern/ E-Pattern

This is my newest pattern, Attic Bear Christmas. It measures aprox 42-44". Stocking is made from a very old tattered quilt, Bear is made from stained warm and natural quilt batting, candy cane made form stained muslin and painted stripes. Pattern can be purchased at sidebar as e-pattern or mailed version, use drop down box. Have Blessed weekend!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Won??!!!!

I actually won a Give Away from a blog! Received this adorable little Ball jelly jar with a painted snowman head on it, greenery and twigs in it, splash of mica flakes on them, homespun tie around the top, and a battery operated wax dipped candle in it. She even put the battery in so I turned it on and have been enjoying it. I set it out in the living room. Didn't want to have to wait for Christmas! It is from Denise's Kountry Patch. Thanks so much Denise! I just love it and was so tickled to have won it!!