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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Last of wholesale order for the season

Finally, got this order shipped and out of the way. These are all a special wholesale order of white mammy vac covers, a prairie Blessings vac cover, and a bag holder. Done with finished doll wholesale orders for a while. Will be nice to go outside and paint all the Fall items I have piled up that are waiting to be finished. The weather has cooled off so much and has been breezy, cooler and just beautiful weather to be outside so I guess that is where I will spend a lot of tomorrow! .... looking forward to it. I am sure Curly will be there with his nose in my paint as usual. He is a trip! Sure wish I could house break him, he would be in here with me if I could! LOL!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Miley and Me

We were watching that awesome "Falcons vs Saints " game Sunday.. Wooooo...What a game!!!! Couldn't take my eyes off it, certainly was exciting!!!!
Miley was starting to get sleepy. It rained all weekend, much needed rain and I certainly enjoyed it. Vanessa and Gabriel had left Saturday to go on to Bradenton, Florida where we are from to see my sister(her mom) , I miss them.. Celena went to Albany Saturday morning and will stay for the week and help her friend Jillian move so I have the house to myself and enjoyed the games and the rain this past weekend! What a relaxing weekend to end a very busy week. And of course tonight is what else but MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Museum of Criminal Justice Center in Ashburn, Ga

Celena, Vanessa and Gabriel today while we were being tourist!

Being tourist today

My precious great nephew, Gabriel, 2 yrs old. He doesn't speak but he does know a little sign language.Gabriel is the sweetest little thing, this week is the first time I have ever met him and as soon as he got to my house the other day he came right to me and has let me hold him and rock him to sleep.. I just love having him here.. and he is soo quiet! LOL!!!
He has been my little shadow since he arrived and I have loved every minute of it! This is a pic at the "Last Meal Cafe" where we ate today in Ashburn and a pic of Celena, Gabriel and me outide the Justice Center Museum.

Nap Time?

Just had to take a quick nap on one of those wonderful jail bunks..LOL. Poor Gabriel ( my niece's 2 yr old son) and I got put behind bars today! At least they let him bring his sippy cup and a toy truck in for us to play with! (LOL)... Vanessa, Celena, Gabriel and I went to the Museum of Criminal Justice today. Very interesting. Then we went on to another town, Fitzgerald, to the Blue Gray Museum. Was really a fun day. We ate at the "Last Meal Cafe" at the Justice Center!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Manning Sunday!

Now this is gonna be great, Peyton and Eli Manning ..Colts and Giants...playing each other tonight so kitty Miley and I will definitely be glued to the TV!! Also I have company coming in from out of town..Great day! My sister sent me an email with some sayings in it, one of them I want to share, thought it was really good...."When satan knocks on your door, simply say"Jesus, could you get that for me please?"

Friday, September 17, 2010

New Annies finished

Here are a couple dolls I made today, I love these raggedies, the dolls are from a Polka Dot Pig pattern, formerly My Raggedy Kids). Their heads are slightly tilted... Easy and cute! Love her patterns. Also have some more vac covers from my own patterns to work on tonight and the weekend while I watch FootBall! Celena and I have company coming in Sunday from out of state, not sure for how long. I have a lot of Fall items stuffed and ready to be painted but waiting for the weather to cool off a little to go out and tackle that task! Ugh, this heat is just awful. Seemed a touch of Fall was in the air a few weeks ago and then BOOM.. raging heat again! Plus my yard seems to be infested with snakes lately. YIKES!!! Another good reason not to go out there..LOL.
Blessinsg to all!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WOW, this is really starting to fascinate me!!

I had both TV's on, one in the living room and also in my sewing room. During the news,.... nothing, during the pre game show..nothing. As soon as the game started..BINGO! I was watching the game in my living room while working on a scarecrow head, came into my sewing room to get something and there was Miley GLUED to the TV again in the usual spot where he watches the games!!! The Ravens, Jets game was on and Miley was fascinated!! Yes I just LOVE this cat!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yes Linda, Miley and I watched the games today!!!I'm telling you, Miley loves to watch FootBall as much as I do!!!!

Well here we are watching the Sunday Pro Games while I sewed a little... Miley was enjoying the game until the ref made a really bad call and Miley had to move in for a closer look, " WHAT????!!Oh no you did not just make that call on my boys!!! Miley was in total disbelief........... then she wanted to rip the ref right out of the TV.. good thing the ref is protected by that glass on the TV screen! Heeeeee

Saturday, September 11, 2010

After a long hard day of watching College Football, Miley decided to crawl up in my bed and call it a night.

Need a good night's sleep so we can watch the Pro FootBall games tomorrow.......Good Night!

Oh Yes, another reason I love this Cat!

Miley (my cat) and I are enjoying the Gators game together this afternoon in my sewing room while I stitch up a few things. Miley seems to really love to watch Football too...How great is that!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Curly followed me onto the front porch today while I had him out for his walk.

This old wagon wheel came from my Dad's house, I cleaned out my front yard flower bed today and decided the wheel would look nice behind the scarecrow. Meanwhile, Curly decided to follow me to the front porch and see what I was doing. He ate some of the weeds I pulled from the flower bed, so I guess that is his way of helping me clean it out. Even though he has a huge fenced area to graze in and a barn, he still loves to come out front with me and see what is going on or go for a short walk with me.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Got the porch done this evening

We didn't do much for the porch this year but hey, it is a little! Sandy made that scarecrow head several years ago.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Celena and I re-arranged and decorated.

We decorated the living room after deep cleaning and re-arranging furniture. I have this old beat up trunk I like to use for a coffee table, It is full of old VCR tapes! LOL! After church tomorrow we are going to tackle decorating the front porch for Fall. Can't wait!!!

Living Room and Fall Decorations

Celena wanted move the Flat Screen TV into my old white cupboard and that is what got us started on the whole project of re-arranging and decorating for Fall. There is a FootBall game on TV of course!!

Livng Room

More of the Living Room.

More Fall Living Room

More of Living room Fall decorations

I ran a twinking string of lights and Fall garland of leaves across the piano and into my Fall Harvest decorations in the wagon on the floor. This gourd with a light in it is one of my favorites, I purchased it when Sandy and I went to The Olde Green CupBoard shop years ago, they have since closed up.. boohoo!

Lyra and Lysha discussing who will root through the decorations first! LOL!

Crazy Miley!!

The Cat, Miley, likes to stick her head in everything! Celena posted a video of kitty Miley on U-Tube chasing a clear plastic cup and sticking her head in it and racing around the floor with it on her head. It was hilarious. This is a tissue box on the floor. As you can see, Miley has no head! LOL!! Just a box on her shoulders.