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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Parade Night.. was COLD!!!

Brianna, Kelly and me freezing our tails off night of the  Christmas parade (Dustin took the pic standing up on the court house steps) . The grandkids didn't mind the cold.. Brianna was just  anxiously waiting for Santa to appear and Dustin was waiting for the candy to be tossed from the Santa float.

Parade and other fun things!

                                                      Bowl of greenery in the kitchen
 Night of the Christmas Parade here in town, was very cold. My grand babies, Dustin and Brianna by the big Tree in the Court House lawn b/f the parade started.
                                            Dustin standing on the Court House steps
 Brianna excited about anything to do with Christmas. I was boxing up this Nativity Wreath to ship out.
                                Our decorated Christmas Tree! Dustin keeps it watered for me.
                                                          Miley in my olde prim chair.
                                                     A Santa I shipped out a week or so ago.
 Here comes Santa Claus!! Finally what Dustin waited for the whole parade.. Santa's float with the "Elves" throwing out candy.. and he managed to get a Bag Full!!
                                           Brianna was so excited Santa was waving at her.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Time around my House, December 2012

Brianna, Dustin and me at a Christmas Tree lot in Valdosta..Brianna quickly thought to make the tree branches into her Antlers! Very festive..LOL.
Had a blast letting Dustin and Brianna, my grandbabies, make Cookies and Hot Cocoa with me the other night. Brianna stood on her step stool and stirred the Hot Cocoa.. she was so proud. Dustin ate WAY too many cookies!
Plenty of Christmas around the house this year with the grandkids living here. My favorite pics are the olde chair in my kitchen above and the Nativity on top of my old piano in the living room.
Tree b/f decorating, pics from around the kitchen, and my lighted geese on front porch
More home pics
Kitchen pics
Pics from around the house and of course Brianna being a ham!
Brianna and Dustin, my grandbabies, live with me now and had a great time helping put up the tree!

Front Porch

My Front Porch. We got tons of free Christmas Tree clippings from a lady at a Tree lot. Love the smell, will dread the "After Christmas Clean up!"