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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


                                             Part of Living room, a few Fall decorations.
  Cleo loves to sleep by my Favorite Gourd! Bought it years ago when Sandy and I went to the Olde Green Cupboard in Jacksonville.
 Dustin's Halloween Costume I made for him from a sheet and pillow case from Missions store. Going to dye it black, he wants to be the grim reaper.... go figure.
Miley's reaction to seeing Dustin.. Looks like she saw a ghost!! So until it is dyed black I guess Miley has seen a Ghost! LOL.


I had my biopsy procedure yesterday @ Archbold hospital in Thomasville., had a bad reaction to the topical anesthesia injection and had to have oxygen and the area biopsied is swollen and painful. They had also given me a tranquilizer and I have slept non stop almost since getting home yesterday so the whole rest of the day was a total wash out..  Still feeling a bit groggy.  Thank you FB and Blog friends for your prayers. I go back to the doctor Thursday for results.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Doc report for Today

And the beat goes on... went to the fourth doc today regarding this "lump" just below my ear..which he says is indeed a tumor and said some name for it which I could never begin to remember what he called it.. It has about doubled in size since the original scan according to the doc today. He told me I have an 80-20% chance that it isn't cancer but a good chance that this type is one that will turn cancerous eventually if left untreated. I go for a Biopsy @ hospital in Thomasville (about 30 minutes from here) in about a week and a half. He will know more then and what to do, said most likely will be having to go in and remove it...but that has not yet been determined so basically get the biopsy and see what it reveals.. I go back to him for a follow up three days after biopsy. Normally I do not care for men docs @ all, they so often come across as cocky and uncaring in my opinion.. @ least most of the ones I have seen over the years with the exception of very few but this one today was so kind and compassionate and very comforting so I felt @ ease very quickly knowing he is on this and appears to be a very knowledgeable doc who is going for answers. ...I appreciate all the prayers and well wishes from so many of you my FB  and Blog friends.. thanks so much for caring. Nice to know people care and pray for you. Thanks soo much everyone. Blessings.. Carmen.