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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just Because....

Just a really Blah wet cold day, rain and thunder all day practically. Unloaded some pics off the camera I had forgotten I took last week. This is my bedroom, the old bed came from my Dad's shed after he passed away. He had told me to take it b/f he passed away. The hanging light came from Sandy's mom and dad, he gave it to me after his wife passed away.
This is my Bayshore High School Graduation picture, Bradenton, Florida where I am from. The picture hangs on my bedrom wall. Oh to be that size again!
Miley on my bed.
This is a lamp I had ordered from Colonial Tin some long time ago, think it stayed in a box for almost a year or more b/f I ever even opened it and set it out.
A bunny I had won off ebay a couple months ago. I really like it, it is simple and very well done.
Another pic of my old bed, I love the floor lamp standing beside the bed. It is very old also.
Came home with 20 bolts of fabric last week. Most of them were not full bolts. Some one I knew was selling off a lot of their fabrics so I went to their house and shopped. Got great deals on it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Sprung

Planted these flowers several years ago, they come back up every year. So pretty, I just love flowers. Wish I had the time and energy to really get some flower beds going.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Garden pics..LOL

My pitiful little porch garden..LOL.. oh well, better than nothing for sure! This is my squash plant, think, I have 3 of them altogether.

Tomatoes and a squash plant on my porch garden. I also planted an area of Sweet Annie out in the backyard a few minutes ago. It is one plant that Curly won't eat so I can plant it where ever I want w/o worrying about him devouring it. I have several more places I am going to plant Sweet Annie.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Planting a Mini Garden

Well it isn't what I wanted but all I can manage right now. Wanted to get a large area tilled up in my front side yard for a big garden but don't have the means to do it at this point so I got 6 of the very large black plastic pots and made a mini garden on my back porch. About the only place I can do it for now that I don't have to worry about Curly getting to it. The sun hits it real good so I have 3 of the smaller breed tomato plants, 2 yellow squash and 1 green bell pepper plant going. Need to get more bell pepper plants for sure. Just finished with them, dug dirt from the back yard and lots of it from under the old chicken pens so they should be very well fertilized! But that is what I hear folks around here say to do so I am giving it a try. Next I am going to clear out a flower bed area and sprinkle sweet annie seeds to grow & try to preserve some myself this year. I always buy the preserved stuff off ebay, they are great but getting way too expensive for what you get for your dollar. Sooo, I 'll give it a try and see if I can preserve it myself, have the instructions for it, if I don't succeed guess it will be back to old ebay and paying out the yang. I don't have any trouble growing it and I love the smell so at least it probably will be worth growing even if I don't succeed at preserving. Plus it will give me a whole new crop of new seeds for next time. Well, would love to have a pic of my porch garden(lol) but my camera batteries are dead and I am slap out of batteries! Until next time.. Blessings to All!

Friday, March 11, 2011

My Son In Law, Michael is headed for Japan with our Navy

Looks like Michael is going to Japan to help out with rescue efforts there. He is in the United States Navy, stationed at Port Hueneme in California
This is 2010 when his unit was in Aghanistan, he has been there twice already. It is a horrible place to be.
My dear Son In Law Michael Garcia. He is married to my precious baby girl, Celena Jem. They live in Oxnard, California. Michael is stationed there at Port Hueneme with the U.S. Navy. He has been to Afghanistan twice and by the Grace of God has made it home safely both times. Now he is headed to Japan to help with rescue efforts after this earth quake yesterday. He and Celena live in Oxnard, California right on the water at the harbor so I fear those tsunami's coming in from the quakes.May God be with all our Military and their families everywhere. My prayers go out to everyone affected by what has happened in Japan, to them and their families.
May God watch over them all.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Lamb Wreath

This is a wreath I just finished, 28" wreath. Looks better in person and a bit more colorful. I used a sheep pattern from Raven's Haven. Hope to sell it at the Calico Spring Show next week. I hung an old cow bell at the top of the wreath.

Storms, Pets, and Being Lazy

Took the dogs out when I noticed the dark clouds rolling in. Supposed to rain so I wanted to let them out b/f it started and just as I was getting them back in the house, oh it started! Rumbles of thunder and heavy rain. Supposed to be severe tonight so guess I will have to hold down the fort here! LOL. I just looked out to see poor Curly starring at the rain through the fence on the barn door, he is so bored when it rains, doesn't like to get wet so he stays in the barn until it passes.

After they came in they all piled on my couch to take naps...all 3 dogs and of course Miley kitty! How useless are they?? Just look at them! Heee. I slept on the couch last night so my blankets are all thrown on the back of it, guess I need to get them folded.

Yes I am in the country as I said b/f so messes like you see here are common, I have cleaned it up a bit where some person whom I let use the shop and things for a while out there made a horrible mess everywhere and left it, drug in all sorts of trash and junk in my shop and yard and just lef it all for me to clean up, I mean it was just Awful!.. so nice of them wasn't it?? This is a small part of the back area that I have fenced in. I have cleaned it up a very great deal but still have more to go as you can see.

More of my chicken pen, this is in the back part of my property also. Junky looking but hey, I like it and it is the best I can do for now! Well, that's all for now.... got so much to do, just feel like curling up on the couch and going to sleep listening to the rain...Yawn!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Pattern, Finally

This is Lucy Annie and Chicken. I made two of them so far, each with different color dress. She is a chunky 28" doll with painted chicken, aprox 7". Chicken is painted and cinnamon coated. Annie face is hand stitched, stripe painted legs, doll is stained, grunged, all primmed up and ready to go. She is available as a finished doll but extremely limited number can be made with the purina feed sack bottom dress featured in above photo. This fabric has not been available on the market for years now and I have a very limited amount of it. However I can make her dress from any other color. Finished doll is $49.95 ppd in USA.

Lucy Annie and Chicken, my new pattern, finally finished her up today. The e-pattern is available for $6.00, Mailed version is available for $8.50. Finished doll $49.95. Paypal buttons are on side bar at right if you wish to purchase doll or pattern. Thank you!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just a Quiet Day in the Country!

My sweet dear brother Jimmy! Took this pic Sunday as they were getting ready to head back home. He has such a big heart and just loves animals. These are my three dogs and they all just loved him, even Corky, the border collie mix.. and she normally doesn't take to anyone and is VERY protective of me. But Jimmy won her over in a heartbeat even when they were here at Thanksgiving. I LUV U Jimmy!

The stray rooster that runs loose around out here all the time, has a little group of hens that follow him. He is big and pretty but can be a nuisance.
Look to the right and you can see PinWheel lying there in the grass, PinWheel is the little calico cat that has taken up here that I feed, been here since September I believe. She is precious, so petite, and not afraid of my dogs at all, they seem to get along well.
One of the cows across the street from me, I live on a dirt road and right out in front of my house is dear old Mr. Marvin Williams cow pasture.

The curious calf! So cute, Bella Magew, my neighbors new puppy, was barking at the calf, she didn't know what to think of them yet!

My sister, my brother and his wife all dropped in unexpectedly on me last Friday night,brought me a birthday cake and a few gifts, I was so surprised and so happy to see them. They came up from Bradenton, Florida where I am from. We had a wonderful visit, they stayed until Sunday afternoon. Miss them so much. My brother Jimmy is the sweetest most wonderful person you ever want to meet, his daughter is the one that won medals at the state weight lift. But, they have retrurned home now and it is back to the grind stone! I do have Sandy's visit to look forward to, she and Samantha will be here in a couple weeks for the show. It is so nice having company like this since I have no family or anyone that lives anywhere near me or even in this state. I walked out yesterday to see the calf looking back at me..LOL. Snapped a few pics. I just love old barns and farm scenes so I will share them with you!