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Monday, August 27, 2012

My other niece, Nesy and her little son Gabriel walking on the beautiful beach today in Bradenton, Florida.. my home town. Gee I miss home a lot lately! My sister (who also still lives in Bradenton..Nessy's mom) said the winds were kicking...
a little but not to bad there today. I am so ready to move away from Georgia some days, missing home more and more...but one little problem.. $$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But Georgia has it beautiful points too. And I do really like where I live. I just get lonesome these days for what little family I have .. my sister Teresa & her hubby, my Niece, my only brother Jimmy and his wife..they all still live in Bradenton. My daughters are both here in Georgia but they are married and have their own lives and don't know that they will stay around this area especially Celena and Michael once he finishes college since being out of the Navy. But I am glad they are close by for now, about 40 minutes each direction..LOL..

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Walked in bathroom to brush my teeth and found Cleo curled up in the sink asleep. She is so cute. Other pic.. living room corner, Cleo likes to nap in the rocker sometimes.

Around my little Barnyard Farm today

 Cleo and Miley,. whata team. Miley (is my big white blue eyed Rag Doll Kitty), is useless and lazy(LOL) but I love him to little angel.... and Cleo the bob tail kitten Celena found is always looking for something to chase, hunt or climb but being they are both strictly indoor kitties, Cleo has to find things in the house to climb. That can be real fun sometimes!! Miley always wants a lay in a box as soon as I set one down somewhere, in it Miley goes!!
 It has been an absolutely beautiful, breezy, sunny day.. a touch of Fall in the air lately. Just couldn;t ask for a more beautiful day. Was quite breezy so my fabric I dyed  did dry quickly, I stained a lot of dolls, etc and they dried fast out in the sun. Also pictured are two Turkey make do's that shipped last week. Ooooh I wish I could have just sat outside under that big tree in the back yard and  read a book or just relaxed, but had so much to get done and wanted to get the above things done b/f we start getting rain and weather off that hurricane that is coming in. But it was sure awesome what time I did spend outside today.

I have a huge yard and the grass had grown up quite high but thank God my son in law Michael and his brother Chris came and mowed it Friday. I was so happy, just feel so much nicer to have the grass and yard looking nice.  My sweet baby Curly seems to be happy the grass is cut too!! He needs to be sheared sooo bad. Going to have to get that done very soon, don't want him to be cold during the winter. Doesn't seem like we really had too much of a winter or summer this year. Weather has been so crazy every where this past year I believe. Will be interesting to see what the winter brings. I do hope we get some SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Watching Monday Night Football!! WOOOOOT!! ESPN tonight... Dallas and Oakland.....rather sloppy game...but hey, at least it is Foot Ball!!! Waited what seems like forever for this to start again. Been watching a number of  the exhibition games on NFL station this past week, glad to see Monday Night FootBall on ESPN though.. starting to feel like Fall!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My neighbors grand child wanted to play with my camera after church today so she took a couple pics of me....she is like my dear grandkids.. loves to play with that camera!!! (wonder why my batteries in it are always dead!) And they always snap the pic when you AREN'T ready!! She also took pics of bugs and bird poo on the porch and anything else that was "Intersting"...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

My two grandbabies..Dustin, Brianna .....and me.. had to take Dustin back home tonight. He got to stay with me an extra day, but starts back to school tomorrow. I got to visit with Kelly and kids for a little bit and then race home to see the Pre Season game tonight!!! Woot!
Oh I feel life has come back in to my body!! FOOTBALL is back LIVE more watching reruns of  college games from last fall on cable..LOL The first pre season game of 2012 is on!!!! is on the NFL channel, which thankfully I have! WOOT WOOT!!!!Enjoying the game.. Saints and Cardinals. Ohh, finally, Football is back! Life is good.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Eye Candy!!!

I picked up the new copy of The Country Sampler today.... The new Fall issue and OH My Golly!! Is it AWESOME!!!  The homes and rooms they featiured this time were sooo beautiful and prim and all decked out for a perfectly primitive Fall look!!  I absolutely loved it, must say it was the best I have seen from them in a LONG time.  If you haven't gotten a copy, pick one up,  sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy!!
Took Dustin to see his favorite train here in town today.. he has loved to stop and get his pic taken with this train ever since he was very little. Also a pic of Dustin and Corky.
Dustin still loves to sit in that polyfil.. I put a lot of it in this crate and he sat in it and played on the laptop puter. Then he put it on his head and feet to look like he was taking a sudsy lathered up  bath!  My kitty Cleo is that breed that looks a lot like a jack rabbit.. she has no tail, she lays so funny with her back legs stuck out like a rabbit! Kitty Cleo also loves this green Christmas fleece blanket and laid in Dustin's lap on it and slept tonight

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

At the museum yesterday with Celena and Dustin.