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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bella Magew

This is my neighbors adorable puppy, soo darn cute!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Doc appt and sewing

Well those two things seem to be mine and Sandy's lives anymore! Isn't getting older great?? LOL! But still beats the other option. Here is a doll I mailed out yesterday to a customer. This doll is from my Geraldine's Hen pattern available on my website. She is a very nice size doll. Got my Doc appt at 2:30, find out about all those tests I had to go to the hospital and have done last week. Also I stepped on a LONG rusty nail Sunday night after church, went looking in the shed for something and was dark....all I ended finding was a long nail through my shoe and in my foot so guess I will have to get a shot today for that. It is starting to hurt. But anyway, guiess this will be my day! Hope all is well with everyone. Blessings!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Playing with the Camera having a new toy...hee

Curly resting next to my new chicken pen I built.

Part of the new chicken pen, has a hen house that is enclosed. Hey, I am in
the country and you use what you have! LOL. There's about 2 acres or so of woods behind my chicken pen that is my property also and a creek back there some where. Wish I could have it all cleared out and grow a HUGE garden. Would love to have tons of corn and beans, etc.. I have quite a large yard in front and on the side of me so I usually have my garden there, hoping this year will be no exception. Can't wait for this Spring Show to be over next month so I can start working on the garden and some flower beds.
Gathered some big brown eggs this morn, went back this afternoon and found
a small white egg. This old double sink was in the shed so I put it in the hen
house, propped it up on some crates, placed hay in it for nest boxes and they
are laying their eggs in it. Now I don't have to go on an Easter Egg hunt in the barn every day
looking for eggs!
Here is one of my Roosters and a few hens. I have ten hens in this pen area and
one rooster. Have a couple more hens & roosters , Trying to
get some eggs hatched out with the Silkies that I have so they are penned
separately for now.

Curly being nosey as always, right in the middle of what ever is happening!
Sure has turned x-tremely warm the past few days, going to need to get Curly
sheared real soon.

YIPPEEEE! Got a Camera Again!

Celena sent this pic to me this morning of sweet Lysha lying on her bed with her.
Every one of their friends in Cali just Loves Lysha!! And are just sickened at how
abused those horrid people did that poor baby. But she is safe and soo much loved now!But they think she is having nightmares, she carries on in her sleep yelping, whining and whimpering and when she awakens she is really spooked and acts scared like she doesn't remember where she is for a minute or so. Hopefully she will get past all that. But she is very loveable and happy and sooo much loved..and SPOILED!!! She deserves it.

This orange dot is a beautiful Full Moon out last night so I had to take a pic, was just gorgeous
and had that orange glow all around it.

And just for fun, here is a mammy vac cover I finished up and shipped out yesterday.
Sooo nice having a camera again! Actually it is the one I bought for Celena and Michael for Christmas last year! It is soooo much nicer than the one I had and I paid a lot more for this one that I got her.. soo glad I did now cause I ended up with it! Heee! They both have those I-phones and take all their pics with those so she really doesn't use the camera anymore so when I told her mine was broken she offered to send me the one I had bought her.. soo Yipppee! Free camera.. well sort of, guess I already bought it once! LOL! But so glad to be in business again! Thanks Celena and Michael!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So proud of my niece!

This is my beautiful niece Jessica Holt, she is a senior this year at SouthEast High School in Bradenton, Florida. Jessica has been weightlifting at school, went to the regionals and came in first, went to the Sate competitions this past weekend and took 5th place in the entire state of Florida, bringing home a medal and has set school records for weight lifting at Southeast High School! We are so proud of her. I was blessed to have her here for Thanksgiving, she is joining the Navy July 19th and wants to continue with Power lifting when she joins. She is just a baby and we all hate to see her go! She was second runner up in the school beauty pageant as Miss Southeast, she is senior class president and an honor roll student. Above is a pic of her and her coach at the State meet this past weekend. Jessica wants to be a Marine Biologist and hopes to be able to attend college by joining the Navy.

This is Jessica this past Sunday at SeaWorld, they took them for the outing as a reward for doing so well at the weightlifting competitions the day before. We are going to miss her so much when she goes into the Navy! On my facebook link above right hand side, there are several links on there for both the Bradenton Herald and the Sarasota Herald news papers with articles and pics of Jessica at the State meet and also a link to a video live interview that a TV news station did on her. Interviewed along with Jessica was her coach and also her father(my broher Jimmy Holt). Sadly Jessica's mother died in front of her when Jessica was only 8 years old, at that time she went to live permanently with her dad (my brother)and her step mother. They have loved her so much and helped her through it all and are a very close family. Jessica is their only child, a very strong young lady and a real achiever.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

No More Pics for a While

Unless a miracle happens I won't be able to post any more pics for a while. My Camera broke the other day and I can't afford to replace it right now. My cell phone takes the most hideous pics soooo, guess I am having to do w/o for the time being. Here is a pic Celena sent me of Lyra and Lysha in the California mountains last week. Hope everyone is having a blessed week! TTL!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ok, Excuse me while I brag for a change!!

Michael getting ready for a swim during their hike in the mountains!
Three of Celena and Michael's friends during their hike in the mountains
with them a couple days ago.

My SIL Michael (plaid shirt) and his friend Collins and of course Lysha (doggy)
enjoying the beautiful scenic mountains a few days ago during the hike.

My precious and beautiful baby girl Celena Jem (dark shirt) and one of her friends that
went hiking with her and Michael and Collins and their other friends and of course Lyra
and Lysha!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not one of these people who has to attach at the end of every sentence how much I pay for everything.. wouldn't do me any good! LOL! but today I am going to brag about my baby girl! God has blessed them so much so I have to brag on them!!! I am just so happy for her and her hubby. When Michael returned from Afghanistan this last time he bought Celena a Coach handbag,. paid $650.00 for it.. they range in price according to size, smaller ones are less expensive but Celena loves big bulky handbags and that is what Michael bought her so it was more expensive. He is so good to her and wanted to buy her something he knew she would absolutely love.. and she did!! He has always been a romantic.. always loves to buy her gifts and spoil her. They are living in Oxnard, California, they have a beautiful home right on the beach in a very upscale neighbor hood, over looking the harbor, it is a 3 story home, has a third story balcony, stone fireplace, wood floors, spiral stair case, just an awesome home on the water and yesterday the realtor called to tell them the house was going to be reduced in price to $500,000.00! This is due to the fact the housing market has slowed down so much there with the economy being so bad everywhere. Sooooo My baby is living in beautiful sunny California, on the water with a gorgeous picture perfect view over looking the harbor, living in a half million dollar home and toting around a $650.00 hand bag!!LOL!! I am just so happy for her. I know these are things that are temporary most likely but she has experienced something I never did and she will always have this time in her life to look back on and smile. She and Michael struggled at the begining of their marriage financially but during his last deployment to Afghanistan they had a good financial plan and he saved up most all his paychecks, when he got home he had a very big savings, he lavished Celena in a few very expensive gifts, he enjoyed some things himself, he also bought a beautiful new truck, paid cash so they have no payment on it and they moved into this gorgeous home on the water and furnished it. They have managed their finances well, Celena recently landed a cool job she loves working at a trendy preppy shop where they also serve all these health food drinks,occasionally have a celebrity stop in from time to time. Soo, I say YOU GO GIRL! She and Michael deserve it, they have earned it and with Michael having been deployed to Afghanistan twice he certainly deserves it for sure! They love to go into the mountains hiking which they do very frequently,usually with friends, she sends me all these pics of breath taking scenery, oh it is just beautiful. Have lots and lots of pics she has sent. They always take their doggies along, Lyra and Lysha. Celena is supposed to be sending me a ticket to fly out to visit sometime soon. I really am looking forward to going. I used to live in LA as a child. Here are just a couple pics from a few days ago when Celena, Michael and about 4 of their friends went up in the mountains hiking again. She gets to walk on the beach every day with the dogs and enjoy beautiful hikes in the mountains almost weekly, and enjoy so many other fun and beautiful things that area of California has to offer...I am so happy for her and Michael, I truly am. Don't mean to sound vain or boastful, but I am just so happy for my baby girl and Michael!! They are blessed.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Kinda depressing... sort of like that "after Christmas blues" .. yes I am talking about FootBall season being over! Watched the Super Bowl of course, My boys won... yippeee... and now it's like"Gee, what do I do now?" no more Saturday College games, haven't been for a while and No More Sunday afternoon or evening games! Monday Night Football gone.. what in the world did I do b/f football season started?? Guess I am desperate and will have to watch some games I recorded while I was at church in the evening on know, kitty Miley will be upset too.... So I must pull up those games I recorded and watch them! Oh I hate that FootBall is over!!! I watched a few movies today and thsi evening while I caught up on some doll stuffing. Been very windy here tonight, 31 MPH wind gusts and expecting up to 40 MPH gusts through out the evening. Been raining an awful lot, foggy, just yucky weather.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah! Did I mention BLAH????

Corky sitting at the puter with me this morn.
Wet cold rainy day here in old Georgia. Dirt road makes sure my vehicle stays muddy lately as we have a lot of rain the past week or so. Rained all day yesterday again, started in afternoon and continued all night. Doesn't look any different out there today either. Brrrr, turned cold too. Got up earlier than usual these days, fed the chickens, let the dogs out and fed my precious Curly, took him a treat after wards. He sure does need to be sheared but will have to wait until the cold air passes. I let the dogs in after their run but some how Corky got left behind. After about 15 minutes I noticed she still didn't come in the living room where I was so I started to look for her..OOOPs. left her outside, she didn't make it in the door. Poor baby was sitting there at the back steps waiting patiently in the wet and cold. Sooo, while Bristol and Zoey are running and bouncing all through the house playing tug of war with a rope toy, Corky is sitting in my lap all snuggled and warm while I am on the computer. Corky is pretty much the Boss Dog around here..LOL. But I think she is so tired of Bristol being so crazy and not abiding by doggy rules she has given up! LOL! Think I am actually feeling a little better today so I hope to get up from here and get busy!