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Thursday, November 11, 2010

More stuff done tonight,

Whew, times a flyin' and we have soo much more we wanted to add for stock, but we set up tomorrow so the only time left will be maybe a little time tomorrow night if I can manage to work on stock any. Setting up is exhausting for me these past number of years...but now with just me and Celena to do it, well I will probably be bed ridden by tomorrow evening! LOL. Here is some more stuff we finished tonight. The Christmas Annie still needs her candy cane in her arms and the other girls need bows and buttons and something in their arms, cheeks blushed,the snowmen are from one of Sandy's patterns, Olde Country Cupboard. I sold the three I had for the show last weekend so I made 5 more last night. Gee, I just want to go to bed, have to get up at six and get busy. My neighbor is going to help me take display over to the show and he is an early bird so we have to get up and get out there to help him load it up. The show is just across the hwy from me so I can practically throw my stuff over there!

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  1. I feel your pain & your excitment LOL my show a 2 dayer mind you 9am-9pm whew is next week & I'm working on a special order that is holding me back LOL