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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tears for Michael

My dear precious son in law Michael was deployed back to Afghanistan yesterday with the Navy, his second tour over there. He's only been home a matter of months and now back again to that gosh awful place! My niece's husband in the Air Force was also deployed back there for his second tour also just a couple weeks ago. Please say a prayer for them both, this is so hard on us with worry and fears. My prayers go out to all of you who have family and loved ones in this senseless ridiculous war. I support our troops 100% but do not agree with why they are having to be there at all. May God bless and keep each and every one of them, may they all return home safe and sound and may some one in Washington have sense enough and guts enough to say enough is enough! No more of our children's and loved ones lives being lossed and risked for something so dang stupid!. Blessings, Carmen

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Show over, working on orders!

Well the anxiety and painic is over for the Spring show. What a relief! Can take a breath and move on with other things now. Feels strange getting up and not feeling stressed and pressured to get a ton of things made by show date! LOL! I finished up this prairie vac cover last night for an order, got all my doll bodies stitched up today for remaining finished orders and have a mammy bag holder to get done tonight for a customer. Hope to ship her out tomorrow too when I ship the prairie doll. Don't know why the pic looks like such a light shade of green, she is actually wearing a darker green color dress. It is a very breezy beautiful day,bit cloudy, getting rather cool though, had to put on a sweatshirt this afternoon for indoors. I am listening to a CD of dulcimer style country Christmas music, no words, just easy listening music! It is soooo relaxing and helps me get more in the mood to sew. Can't wait to get started on Fall and Christmas items as soon as I get my orders done. Trying to decide what to do for my dinner tonight, hate to cook anymore and for just me! I am not a fan of processed ready made foods either. Well,back to work! God Bless!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mouse in the House! EEEK!

OK, occasionally I do spot a mouse in the kitchen. I live sort of in the country and have a big wooded area behind my house. Tonight I went to the kitchen to heat a pizza slice, as I was taking it out of the micro wave this little teeny tiny mouse comes running out from behind it and just sits there looking at me, he was only inches from me as though he was not afraid at all. It sat there looking right at me, scared me at first but then I saw how cute his little face was with those bead eyes and big ears, he was so tiny. Soo what do you do?? I didn't have the heart to set a trap so I took pics instead! LOL! He is so tiny he climbed up on the cord plug going into the wall and sat there on it and just looked at me. Then he ran to the other side of the counter behind the micro wave and came out that side and just sat looking at me again, did this several times as though he was playing. I even said a few words to him (guess I am lonlier than I thought! hee) and he didn't seem afraid at all. How can you kill something so tiny and cute looking you right in the face?? So I just shared my pizza with him, broke off a tiny piece of crust and sat it in front of him and he grabbed it with those teeny little paws and ate it. So I hope he just finds his way back outside and I don't have to do anything about the little visitor. Got my camera and came back in the kitchen, he seemed to be as curious about what I was doing as I was about what he was doing, I snapped a few pics right up at him and he didn't seem to mind the flash and camera noise at all.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bunny Wreath

These sold well at the show, made a few of them up. They were fast and easy to make, I liked the way they turned out.

Booth Pics

More Booth Pics.

Angels Flying Away!

I hung these Angels on the clothes line day b/f the show to spray their Flag wings, when I passed by the window later and looked out they were blowing in the wind and looked like they were flying away! Had to take a pic, looked really cool! (Excuse the neigbors junky shed in the back ground..LOL!)

Booth Pics

A few of the dolls I had for this show.

Spring Show

Here we are at the Spring Show! Sandy and her hubby Todd came up to stay with me Friday night and went to the Spring Show with me Saturday to help man the booth. It was very slow,crowd was WAY down, I think the slowest spring show I have ever seen here, but all in all I still did pretty well. Becky sent me a beautful little wallet she had made, Becky gave it to Sandy to bring to me. It is so cute, Becky does really beautiful work.. I have a link to her blog on the side bar with a picture of some of her wallets she made. This is a pic of Sandy and me sitting at the booth. I don't know what I would have done w/o their help! Thanks Sandy and Todd!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Prairie Dolls

Prairie Dolls from a "Prim Folks By Judy" pattern, I love this pattern, so easy to make. I have had it for a long time but just never made it up so in looking for something super easy and fast for the show next week, I made these girls, have to say it is my favorite prairie doll pattern of all the ones I have. Used the wool feedsack printable from ewenmeprintables to make their shoulder bags. Need to stick something in their bags, sweet Annie probably, and they are ready for the show.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Is it Show Time Yet??

Yikes! Almost show time and this is where I am at!! I do the Calico Arts and Crafts show across the hwy from me at SpenceField right here in Moultrie. Have done this show for many years, always my best show and so convienient. It is coming up March 20 and 21st. Not sure what I am going to do for help this year to set up my display and such. Sandy and Todd are coming up the Saturday morning of the show. Sandy will help me work my booth, but that still leaves me clueless for help setting up Friday. Will have to figure something out. I have two big piles of dolls that still need some (or maybe a LOT of)work as you can see. Some how I always manage to get enough done to stuff in the booth but the past several years during the Fall shows I have fallen so short of inventory. This past Fall was due to emergency surgery I had, was transported to Atlanta for that so I can say it really wasn't my fault I was so low on stock this last year but the other few years b/f...well, just darn right lazy I guess..LOL! Seems was always this or that keeping me from getting done what I needed to do. I am hoping and praying this Fall will be a great show and I will have PLENTY of stock!! Well, back to work! Blessings to all.. Carmen

Walk in the woods

Guess there isn't a lot to say so far this morning! LOL. Curly and I took a short walk in the woods behind my house after feeding the chickens. He won't go far into the woods at all for some reason. Don't know if he senses danger (snakes or something)and is afraid or what the problem is. He only will go so far and stops and then if I go further he stands there crying at me with the loudest BAAAH you ever heard! He wants me to come back where he is so I do, figure he has more sense than I do..HEE. But we enjoyed our short walk, Curly looks forward to walking places with me and I sure do enjoy it. I just love my Curly Goat, he is so much fun and so sweet. Got a few errands to run and then back to work for the show upcoming! Blessings to all, Carmen

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Day.... and my precious Curly!

Well another day, Thank God! Have you ever woke up and wondered "what in the world was I thinking for the past 3 years??" LOL.. inside joke! I am feeling much better these days about lots of things, trying to move forward and move on. Anxious to take a deep breath and see what new things are around the corner for me. Have a show coming up really soon and not ready for it, need to buckle down hard and get busy. Was going to go this weekend to see the new cop movie with Richard Geere in it but decided not to, I feel funny going to a theatre by myself. I went by myself of course when I went to see "The Blind Side", felt a little funny at first but no one noticed so it is just me feeling silly! The weather was beautiful today, no rain, hope things continue to dry out some. Everything is too soggy and muddy lately. I don't like tracking through mud puddles every morning when I go out to feed the chickens and my precious olde Curly, my goat! He always waits patiently for me. Curly always manages to hear when I first get up, he hears the movement in the house as this is an old house is up off the ground and if I don't come out soon after he hears me get up and decides when I have had enough time to have come out to feed him, he starts making noise at me. He is such a hoot, I just love him to death. Gee does he need shearing badly, his hair is sooo long and curly. I keep wanting to get him sheared but the cold weather won't seem to go away and I don't want him to get cold and get sick. I have had Curly for about 11 years, he is so sweet and has such a wonderful personality and is great company. I don't know what I would do w/o him around he is so funny, intelligent, and entertaining. Well, Jay Leno is on so it is getting late..better get busy trying to hand stitch on some rabbit dolls b/f I start to get sleepy..Take care everyone and God Bless!