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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kitchen full of stuff for show too

These little boots are so adorable, made in a mold with beeswax and I grunged them a little in cinnamon after they set up, Celena used a needle and craft thread to pierce a hole and run a thread to hang them by. I will pkg these two in a pkg. They are so detailed, I love these! Then I have tons of room sprays made up, Celena and I did these tonight and already have lots of tarts made up so my kitchen and house smell wonderful and my craft room smells of coffee, cinnamon, and vanilla from where we stained old cutters quilt stockings and such. Here is a pic of some stitchery pillows Celena did. She absolutely loves the grinch pillow the best, it is one of Sami's stitchery designs.. you can purchase the pattern from Sandy's daughter Samantha on her blog or website. Celena has about 8 pillows made so far and she has done a lot of garlands. Tonight I printed headers out for her to pkg her garlands and the santa beeswax boots. She has worked really hard toward the show these past two days and tomorrow will be a very long day, set up Friday and the show is Saturday. Still need to price everythin g! Oh No!!!

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  1. Those boots are so adorable Carmen!!! I bet your house smells WONDERFUL!!!!!!