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Monday, October 31, 2011

Later Halloween Night...

Celena and her best friend Jill, dressed up for a Halloween Party this weekend.. Celena was the Queen of Hearts and Jill was the Mad Hatter. I would never have recognized them! They did a great job on their costumes.

It has been a Very quiet Halloween night at my house tonight..... eeeearily quiet! LOL! Just me here. No trick or treaters out tonight, but these days I would be afraid to open the door anyway. But gee I sure miss those simpler days when I was a kid and Halloween was safe and fun, tons of us were out in the streets wearing our costumes, I would be soo excited waiting until we could go out and get started collecting candy trick or treating with our parents tagging behind as we went door to door gathering goodies...seems everyone went and the streets were full, there were carved and lit Jack-O-Lanterns at most every house. I remember how wonderful that smell was of a candle burning inside the pumpkins. My mom used to make caramel popcorn balls and dipped Carmel Candy Apples.. oh those wonderful smells of Halloween's past.

Then when my girls were little, I used to be able to take them and go trick or treating too, even though it wasn't nearly as crowded out on the streets as it was when I was a child... but anymore it is so different as we all know. Sadly, I don't think I have seen a trick or treater at my door in about 6 years or more. Probably much safer for the little kids to do other things, community & church parties and activities and such instead of going door to door BUT I sure miss those old days when it was fun and safe.

A Quiet Halloween Night.

Got 12 of these guys done, haven't made them in years. They are cuties!

These are Prim Reindeer, got 10 made, dissappointed in the picture, they look soo much better in person. Really like them.

Miley .. a big help, holding the box down for me, you know, in case a huge gush of wind was to come bursting through the window..OOOOk.

This is from my "Abigail 1802" pattern , I made 2 of them., One went out the door for an order and the other one will go to my show I suppose. Pattern is available on my website.
Well that is about all I have to report right now.. back to work....And..Monday Night FootBall!! WooHoo!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Early October Snow!!

Isn't this snow beautiful??!!! The only thing I can find wrong with this picture is....that unfortunately it isn't at my house..BooHoo! This is a gorgeous snowfall from Baltimore, Maryland yesterday (Saturday Oct 29, 2011) from where my dear friend Delores lives. She was kind enough to send this pic to me cause she knows how much I love snow!! This was actually taken at her daughter's home about an hour from Delores. Just wanted to share with you, it got me motivated and more in the mood to sew Christmas items. Thanks sooooo much Delores!!! You are a sweetie! I love your snow pic! Looking forward to getting more from you this winter..LOL!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Toast to the Bride and Groom

Celena giving her toast to the Bride and groom, as Maid of Honor she gave a toast and David as Best Man did also. They did great, very very sweet and funny.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Turn on Your Sound and enjoy the music!

Night of Rehearsal Dinner and b/f ceremony

Celena and me at the Rehearsal dinner

The teary eyed Bride danced with her teary eyed Father, Celena was crying her eyes out, I cried too. It was so sweet.

Sandy and Sami

Celena and Todd (father of the Bride) had a dance too!

The Bride and Bridal party getting ready for make up and hair do's the morn of the Wedding.

Samantha and my child, Celena, rehearsal night.

Todd, the Father of the Bride.. and Samantha on the Big Day.

There is a beautiful waterfall in the Lobby in front of Samantha. I thought this was a beautiful picture.


More Rehearsal pics

Todd and Samantha at the rehearsal.

Christina and her son Caleb

My baby, Celena..the Maid of Honor

Day of the wedding, little Caleb getting his flower pinned on

Father of the Bride, Todd, trying to drink away his nerves b/f the wedding..LOL. He looked so handsome and proud!

Rehearsal dinner, Breilee the flower girl with her mom and dad

Getting ready for the rehearsal

Celena and Samantha, Good grief! Look at all that makeup on the floor!

The Rehearsal dinner and the Wedding

The Maid of Honor, My daughter Celena Jem Garcia.

The Rehearsal Dinner.. Bride, Bride's maids, and little Caleb.

A happy Bride.

The Bride and Groom.

This is Christina, she is sooo sweet, she was one of the Bride's Maids, her adorable little son Caleb was the ring bearer and did a wonderful job. He is smart and handsome, I had a wonderful time chatting with him during the reception

Ready for the Rehearsal and dinner....This is my daughter, Celena in flowered dress, she was the Maid of Honor and that is the beautiful little Flower Girl standing there, Breilee. The young lady with the blonde hair was also one of the Bride's Maids.

The Bride, Samantha, on the Big Day.

Mother of the Bride.... Sandy and Samantha b/f the ceremony.

Sandy and me, waiting for the big moment.

Sandy and me with our daughters.

Still in the dressing room, Samantha, Celena and two of the Bride's maids

Sandy having a wardrobe malfunction..LOL.. actually she was just trying to get her corsage on.

My child, Celena, The Maid of Honor.

Still b/f the ceremony....Sweet little Caleb and a nervous Father of the Bride!

Finally, here we are, the ceremony! Celena and the Flower girl, Bride and Groom, Best man and the ring bearer Caleb.

Oooops, a duplicate.. LOL...

Have just been pronounced Man and Wife.. you know I had to take lots of pics of my child too.....

Celena and David, the best man, ready to walk down the isle as the ceremony ends

The entire Wedding Party.

Finally, the reception. I sat with the happy and relieved Mother and Father of the Bride! Sandy and Todd. Everything was beautiful, Todd looked so handsome in his Tux, Sandy looked beautiful all dressed up. Everything went great and the reception was a big hit, we had a wonderful time.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Michael, wake up! They are shooting at you!! (Just kidding)You know Michael,it isn't always a good idea to sleep on the job in enemy territory!...LOL.. this is my dear son in-law Michael, asleep, he is curently deployed again. God Bless him.

Such a serious face Michael, must be some intense music he is listening too! Actually he says he does it cause they are going really fast through there and trying to avoid running over IED bombs so music helps releieve the tension and creates a mental diversion of being killed any second. I guess I have to agree. Praying for his safe return home.