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Monday, November 15, 2010

My Big Fall/Holiday Show was This weekend

Oh gee am I tired!! Getting too old for this stuff..LOL. It was a beautiful show, always enjoy seeing vendors and customers, chatting and visiting with folks. One gentlemen stopped by my booth and chatted for a while, he said he had bought a few of my black dolls in the past and noticed I didn't have any this year. He was right, I only had one that sold early that morn. I just ran out of time and didn't get any made this year. Probably had more seasonal and Christmas items than anything, sold quite well. Just wish I had been able to get started earlier on my show stock and could have had more every day things, ornaments, and black dolls. The weekend was very busy with setting up Friday. Fortunately my neighbor, Roger, helped Celena and me set up my booth. I don't know if Celena and I could have done it by ourselves and had time to put out the stock! But Roger hauled the display to the show for me since he has a truck and set up the display wall pieces. He and his daughter helped us tear it down Sunday so they were a HUGE help to us. Anyway, here are some pics of my booth. Was a very busy show, Saturday and Sunday. We tore down Sunday, came home and I went to bed early..LOL! No problem sleeping that night. Celena unloaded the van for me b/f I awoke this morning , then she and I went to Valdosta today to shop for a few things. Have to house and doggy sit for Sandy later this week while she and her family do her Savannah show. I am going to drive to her house Thursday and probably return Sunday. Hope to get some down time and rest while I am there. Please continue to keep her in your prayers. She is not feeling real well lately since starting the chemo but she is strong and positive. Blessings to all!


  1. Wonderful pics Carmen and I am so happy to hear Michael is HOME!!! My son is coming home for 2 weeks at Christmas and getting married!!!!Have a wonderful day friend:)

  2. hello
    your works are beautiful, I like this style, too. my name is Sandy, I am from Buenos aires, argentina.
    kisses and blessings.

    PS: now I am a follower of you :)
    sorry my english is bad