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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Old Quilt Santa

The pics certainly do not do him justice at all... LOL...
I made this Olde Santa out of an unfinished vac cover body I had sitting around for over two years. Have lots and lots of old cutters quilts in my pantry closet so I decided to make him an old coat and hat from one of the quilts, grunged them up, took a few days to dry. The quilts are so old and tattered I was afraid to put them in a dryer. Anyway, love the way he turned out. I made his santa bag full of goodies from some old tweed fabric I had. He is aprox 57", yup a big old guy!! I also put one of those flickering battery operated grungy candle sticks in his bag. A lady at the show this last week told me those candles will last aprox two months burning 24/7 with a good battery such as an energizer b/f battery needs replacing so that it what I put in it. The old bear is from a thrift store, grunged it up too. Think I will put $75.00 on him. If he doesn't sell, well I will be happy to keep him for myself. I really do love him!

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  1. He turned out fantastic! I've so got to get my mojo juices flowing! LOL