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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I did it....

Had nothing else on the agenda for today so I spur of the moment decided to just go ahead, do the dreaded chore of putting away all the Christmas decorations. Nothing is out now except my small Prim tree in the living room that has nothing but the candles and a string of small silicone tip lights on it. Everything else is put away and oh how bare it looks in the house.. I thought I would be missing it a lot more than I am when I took it down, always sad to do it, BUT, I knew I wouldn't get motivated to get anything else acomplished moving forward as long as I still had all the decorations out. This is actually the earliest I have ever taken down my decorations..LOL..Now maybe I can focus on patterns for spring and many other things I need to do.Supposed to be down in the 30's next several nights so I have my fleece PJ's on, getting cold in the house already.There is a College Football Bowl game on so I think a cup of hot cocoa and the ball game sound like a nice treat for the evening! Sweet Dreams and lots of Happiness to everyone..

Wishes for a safe, Happy, and Blessed New Year to all of you....

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

My precious Grand doggies Lyra and Lysha.. came with Celena to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with me.....they were being Naughty on Christmas Eve, always fighting over the same toy, they are as bad as a couple of two year olds!

Corky wearing her Christmas present, it is actually a collar with the Bulldog scarf attached!

Lysha giving me Christmas Kisses as they got ready to head back home Christmas night, Celena had to be at work early day after Christmas.

Lyra and Lysha getting ready to go home. I just love them to pieces!

Celena and Me Christmas Day, and of course always a doggie in the pic, this time it is Bristol

Celena and her Dad Christmas Day. I always invite him over for Holidays if he has no where to be, I know Celena appreciates it too.

Christmas Eve night, waiting for Santa (hee) Celena cutting up apples for the Apple Crisp she wanted me to make so badly, then when it was ready for the oven she dumped the whole pan in the floor! There is not a China shop in the world that will let her w/i a 100 yards of it. She has that natural gift of being a cluts. LOL. And of course as I said, always a doggie in the pic.. this time it's Corky!

Lysha, the rescue Husky, has become soo spoiled. They are banned to the back porch while eating... She is holding one of her Christmas toys in her front paws, she has placed the other toy in her food dish while she lays down and eats her Christmas Dinner out of her paper plate! Guess this way she can guard everything from Lyra and my doggies... Now that is a thinking dog!

Lyra's ears and a good pic of Lysha smiling so big, She is so happy these days and just loves her toy.. she has hung on to that thing ever since Santa gave it to her Christmas Eve!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merrier and Brighter!

My baby made it here after working this evening so everything is better now! We are busy making cookies and deserts and a few things ahead for tomorrow's dinner. Having a good time. She of course brought her pups, Lyra and Lysha!

Got the lamp post last week, half price. Love it.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Last Minute things....

Just a few last minute pics.. Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Kitty...


Ha Ha Funny, now get this junk off of me!

Set this out last week, ran across some stuff, so I put it in this wooden box I had found at a Thrift Store. OK, ENOUGH! No more setting out Christmas decorations this year!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Winding down!

A few last minute doll orders that were finally shipped off earlier this week. Glad to be done with everything now and able to just enjoy the next week b/f Christmas.

The Dollar Tree had these adorable hats and collars so I picked one up, Corky didn't seem to mind modeling it for a couple seconds just long enough for a picture. Guess she deserves a nice juicy Doggy Bone from Santa for her patience!

One of the dolls that shipped out this week, it is my Melon Patch doll available on the website.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Just because...

Lyra giving Miley a Christmas Kiss!

Just a few more pics I had taken around the house. This little wooden Santa and sleigh, one of my very favorite things, I bought when Celena was about 6 years old. We had gone to the mountains for a vacation that year in October, actually I think it was the month and year that Sandy and I first met, been friends ever since!

Another ugly very prim santa that I just love! It is from the lady Sandy and I call the "Rag Lady" b/c she does all these really great super prim dolls. I believe Sandy bought this one from her for me as Christmas gift.

The big Christmas Ball is from Tucker's Farm booth and the santa tucked in the wooden cheese box is another one that Sandy made while I was visiting with her a couple years ago. We decided to do a project while I was there, she did the santa and I did a Caroler.

My grandbabies..hee.. Lyra and Lysha, visiting meLysha giving Miley Christmas Kiss

Bristol and Zoey love to play with Lyra and Lysha.

Aren't they just beautiful?? I love them to pieces!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday Evening

Celena, my baby.Always a dog in the pic around here too....

Lyra and Lysha and me....Celena spent the night with me last night and we went to a Christmas party tonight. Afterwards I changed into my nightgown ready to settle in for a night of Hallmark Christmas shows..LOL.. Celena changed and got Lyra and Lysha ready to head back to her house in Albany.

Celena with her babies, Lyra and Lysha and of course Bristol and Zoey wanted in on the pic too.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Nothing really new

I ran across my Chrismas bowls and platters today so I set them out. Only place I could find for these poor bowls was in the dish drainer sitting in the sink!This tiny little stocking I just had to buy, was only like $2.00 but soo cute. Bought it at a wonderful little gift shop in Sylvester, nearby town, the shop is called "BarnYard Creations". Barbara, the owner, has the most awesome smelling jar candles, been buying them from her for several years now. Went there with my sister and her hubby when they came up for Thanksgiving last year and again this year, she loves the shop too. It has become a tradition for us to go there now during their annual Thanksgiving visit!

This is hanging on a stepback cupbpard,the Red and white chicken hanger hook was purchased from Hobby Lobby a couple years ago.

I used to have these short white picket wooden fence pieces across my front yard by the dirt road but they got knocked down so much so for about a year they have been just stacked together leaning against a tree by the road so I hauled them into my fenced area on the side of the house yesterday. I am going to attach them to the fence in this little area and get them straightened up so they look better. I have wanted to make that area into a little nicley decorated flower garden or something that I can step out my bedroom door and enjoy.

Was rather cold today, Corky stayed in a lot. I had the heat going all day and oh yes, still going tonight! My fingers are still freezing!

The olde white Farm Table in my kitchen. These are some Christmas platters I have had for soooo many years! I keep forgetting about them most every Christmas, they stay put away so that is probably how they have survived for so long. I set them out today and remembered just how much I do like them.

Curly, alway wanting his face in the camera....see any buggers in there???

His hair is really growing fast again. He will need to be sheared by early spring as soon as the chill in the air goes away. Otherwise he could catch a cold.

Took this beautiful picture out my back door yesterday afternoon. This tree is so pretty, still shedding it's fall colored leaves. Was rather windy and the leaves were blowing off in big showers of leaves every time the wind would kick up. Was a gorgeous day, very cool and windy. I just loved it. Sat outside for a bit and just looked around at how beautiful it is and thought about how blessed I was feeling. Was so peaceful and quiet. I really love it here, especially this time of year.

Just enjoying the time after the rush of shows being over. Finally can walk outside and "smell the roses" beautiful out there. Cool and cold days lately, beautiful trees still losing the Fall colored leaves. My backyard covered in leaves from the pecan tree that has already shed all it's leaves. I love the sounds of the crunching leaves when the dogs are running around out there all frisky from the wonderful cool crisp air! Curly comes running from the Barn to greet me every time he hears me let the dogs out, he knows I am out there too so I hear the sound of the big Jingle Bells around his neck jinlging as he runs, especially love that sound in the cold night air.. ahhhhhh, so magical sounding. I love the Christmassy time of year, everything about it. Took a few pics the other day, one of the trees still losing it's leaves. It is so pretty. Curly of course always poses for the camera, and I finally got my white wooden fence peices brought to the side of my house where I have a smaller fenced in area. I am going to get them set up this week hopefully, want to attach them to the taller wire fence to help keep the dogs from getting through there. Normally I take the dogs out in the bigger area out back where Curly is, but sometimes I let them out on this side area. They will always look for a hole in the fence to get through if you turn your back for a second! So I hope the picket fence will put a stop to that.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Two more new patterns

Nura Prim Angel aprox 27"

FarmHouse Woodland Santa aprox 26"

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NEW PATTERN "Freezin' Season" Snowman

This is my new pattern "FREEZIN' SEASON" 34" SNOWMAN available at side bar as
e-pattern $6.00 or as mailed version $8.50. Finished Doll is $36.95 ppd in USA
Use drop down box at side bar for choice of item.

Nooks & Crannies, and my Grand Doggies!

I love this old raggedy black santa. He was from a booth at "Christmas Made In The South" in Jacksonville

Sandy gave me this Santa in the Stocking last year, she made it, he is from one of her Olde Country Cupboard line patterns.

This is a snowman from a SMF pattern, a lady made it and I purchaed him off ebay a couple years ago.

My magazine rack full of Christmas pillows.

My Olde piano done up for a Prim Christmas

A Raggedy Santa I have had for probably 10 years or more. He sits in the Christmas Rocker I purchased from Tucker's FarmHouse booth at Market Days in Tallahassee a number of years ago. Miley's food dish is next to him so Miley's rear end is in the pic too.

Just another view in the living room next to the old cupboard of quilts. I got this standing santa
marked down really cheap last year after Christmas at CVS in Starke while visiting Sandy. The hanging Santa is made by the same woman who made the really prim black santa.

Close up of an old crate standing on end with my lamp on it and poinsettias in a wooden antique shoe shine box.

An old sled standing on end holding these snow guys with some greenery and grapevine under my wall lamp. The snowmen bag is from Honey and Me purchased from a country gift shop in Jacksonville, since gone out of business though..boohoo.

Celena is flying to North Carolina in the morn to visit one of our dear friends, Melody. She will be there for a few days so I get to babysit my precious grand doggies, Lyra and Lysha. She brought them over today.

Me with Lyra and Lysha

Lyra saying HELLO! Celena had them both shaved a couple months ago, Mohawks every time!

Me and Lysha.

My Grand Doggies

My tree in the living room is old as the hills, I have dragged it around to craft shows all those years. I stole the idea of the candles from Sandy last year and she stole the idea from some where she had seen them(heehee), used the candy cane painted candles, I cut rusty wire and wrapped them for hangers and put them on my tree. It also has a string of small brown cord silicone tip bulbs, this is all the decorations I want on it. Prim and Simple. I am proud to say that every single thing in my house and everything that I own, including my mini van, I worked for, bought and paid for myself over the past many years with no help from No "man". My antiques were all road side finds or bargains at unbelieveable prices, all my Christmas items were hand mades or things marked WAY down after Christmas from years passed and a few items were given to me as gifts.I have worked and earned everything I have. My marriage of 21 years gained me nothing but outrageous stress and I had to work my tail off to have anything for my child or for myself all those years with no help from her dad. I was so happy when I was finally able to walk out that door, start over and take everything with me that I had busted my behind for all those years. I am proud to have what I do, it is nothing fancy by no means but it is cozy and it is home I LOVE the house I live in and I am so happy to have my own place and thankful for all I have. Blessings to All!!