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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pics of booth from Mule Days

Was late getting pics b/c crowd was buying early and fast but I did get a few pics later on with Celena's camera. They moved me to a much better spot this year. Same row but right near begining of row across from the Mule Days Museum.


  1. hi Carmen, your booth looks so pretty. I sure miss those days when I did shows. I don't even go much anymore. Because I wouldn't see a great booth like yours, never any primitives here. Also a lot of commercial stuff. It looks like you did a lot of work. I do have one show next week where they have students to help with the unloading. Hope you have some more shows and lots of batteries with ya.

  2. great set up, gald you has a good show, I'm down to 11 days till my 2 day christmas show, yikes! lol

  3. Thanks Helen and Peggy! Good luck with your shows!!