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Friday, December 17, 2010

Can't wait for Christmas!

I am so looking forward to going to Sandy's house in a few days and spending Christmas with my dearest and best friend.This will be mine and Sandy's first Christmas to spend together, usually I go visit a week or so b/f and come home for Christmas. My baby girl Celena and I have done this since she was little. But, My baby is back in California with her hubby in their new home, he is back from Afghanistan since a week b/f Thanksgiving. They spent Thanksgiving with me so I was truly blessed. I am so happy for them to be together. It is so painful not being with her for Christmas but unfortunately as most of us know, they do grow up and leave the nest and mamma bird finds her self all alone one day. But on the upside, my dear friend Sandy and I have some baking and goofing off plans in place for when I get to her house. I am so much looking forward to it. Sandy has put up a little tree in the guest bedroom for me for when I get there. How sweet!
Well I have a pkg to get to the post so I better get going! Sooner I get done with all these things here the sooner I can plan a day to head to Sandy's! If I could have one thing for Christmas, it would be for my dear friend to be healed of her lymphoma, and I am going to believe God for that Miracle! Please continue to pray for Sandy. Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snow Flurries Today?

They are saying possible snow flurries for us today, don't know if that will happen but sure would be nice. It is SOOOO cold out there and very cloudy so it just may happen. Well, here is my lonely looking porch..LOL, this is all I did out side this year except for the colored ice cicle lights on the house that were left up since last year!

Finished my Bedroom, Whew! Finally!

Celena and Michael took out the big Queen size bed I have had for years, put it in my Garage the day they left , my brother is supposed to come get it soon. I replaced it with this old antique double size bed frame that came from My dear Dad that he had saved in his garage for me. I want to leave it just like he had it, no re-painting or re-finishing it. I had a nice comfy box springs and mattress set here that fit it. Changed my bedroom all around and am pleased with it for now. I put a Christmas Quilt on it that my Aunt Niva in Missouri made and gave to me years ago. Don't have pillow cases to match it so I used some old ones I had. Miley of course has to curl up for a nap as soon as I made the bed. The one door goes into the master bathroom.

Christmas Decorations

I decorated a little but not as much as I normally do, no point in it these days. I have boxes of stuff going to GoodWill that I normally use but just no longer need and a few things I have used for years since Celena was little that I am saving for her once they get settled. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


My baby girl Celena just called me a few minutes ago, it is one in the morning here but only around ten in California.. she called to let me know they had just pulled up in the drive way to their new home in Oxnard, California, been on the road for several days since leaving here Sunday after Thanksgiving. Oh I am soooo relieved! Celena is very excited as she has not seen the house yet. Beautiful home on the beach, wood flooring, spiral staircase, huge third story balcony... I can't wait to see pics! Michael rented it for them after returning from Afghanistan a couple weeks ago b/f heading here to Georgia to my house to meet up with Celena and for Thanksgiving with all of us and his family. Sooo, Michael, Celena, Lyra and Lysha are all finally together at their new home tonight safe and sound! God is Good!