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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The back porch is completely closed in and safe for Lysha and her pups.

The Puppies Arrived

Lysha, the Husky Celena and I took in, was pregnant when we found her. Of course we did not know it at the time b/c she was so scrawny and sickly. But wasn't too long after she started getting better from her meds & proper food and care she started fattening up and we knew she was expecting! Actually as bad of shape as she was in I am shocked the puppies survived. I started off to bed about two this morning , it was storming out side, lightening, thunder and pouring rain. Lysha was lying on top of some laundry in the laundry room, I tried to get her to come with me so I could put her on the back porch where we keep her at night and she wouldn't budge, I knew something was up and pretty sure what it was so I watched her for a moment and see her whole tummy tightening up, having contractions. Sooo, I did what any responsible pet owner would do, I went and got Celena up and made her sit with her..LOL. We were both very concerned about her health and delivering the puppeis w/o complications b/c of how sick she had been so we watched her until she had three of them. Everything seemed to be going fine. So I decided to turn in around three so I could get to church this morning. Celena stayed up and watched her for a bit longer, no more puppies so she woke me up and we cleaned up the area and got Lysha & the three puppies to the porch. When Celena woke up around six she went to check on her and she had another puppy, so now there were four and by eight there was a 5th one but apparently still born. So she did lose one but there are 4 beautiful little puppies now and Lysha has a big smile on her face and seems to be such a good mommy. Celena had gotten some prenatal vitamins from the vet for Lysha as soon as we realized she was pregnanat and all the puppies seem very healthy and strong.Two girls and two boys. Wanted to share some pics. They are just adorable. I haven't been around puppies since I was a little kid!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

E-Pattern "The Nativity"

Finally got this done... it is an e-pattern only..Fabric Prim Nativity on a 14" grapevine wreath. I added lights to mine. Sorry about the pics, this camera is practically brand new and my pics are always fuzzy looking and just not real clear or rich looking colors, guess I don't have the settings right or something. Seems like I tried everything. Anyway, the e-pattern is finally done and I hope you will enjoy it. I have had so many requests from customers at shows for something more Biblical for Christmas decorations so I was happy to make it. E-pattern available at side bar to the left if you wish to purchase this pattern.

Blessings to all.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Nativity Pattern

Well, another evening shot. I worked on my new nativity pattern last night, had the bodies all stitched up, faces done... got up off the couch where I was working and went to the kitchen for probably less than five minutes. Come back in the living room to see Lyra (Celena's Husky dog) has chewed the Nativity baby to pieces and pulled out all the stuffing and has the Mary doll in her mouth trying to play tug of war with Lysha! Then I hear a crunching sound and look to see the bead eyes were gone off the Joseph doll and Zoey was lying there chewing them up. Hmmmm, All that in less than five minutes. If I could work that fast I would have a LOT more done!!! But they double teamed it so I guess they have that advantage over me. Sewwwwwww.. back to the sewing machine to re-make the dolls, got them done, got the hair on them and faces stitched different than before, more prim so I like the new ones better...but it got to be late and I was tired so I went on to bed, set my alarm, it goes off this morning and I am going to go to church but I was hurting so terribly bad with the RA and my head hurt and I felt nauseous so I laid back down on the heating pad and then next thing I knew it was eleven thirty, wake up with my hand so stiff and hurting. I get so angry at myself on days like this. I get so frustrated having this RA, it is so painful and ever since my emergency surgery from that epidural abscess this past Fall they won't let me take RA meds anymore b/c they believe it contributed directly to it, which leaves me in pain day in and out, some days a lot worse than others. I don't understand it. Sometimes I feel like I have suffered so much emotional pain most of my life, why do I have to suffer so badly physically too to where I try to get to church and can't even do that some days! Then I feel like people at church probably think I am just laying out of church, not bothering and it isn't that way at all. I mean no one says that but I feel afraid they will think that. It doesn't make sense and I know we aren't supposed to question God but days like this I just sit and cry. It is so hard to even type right now. If anyone knows of any over the counter products or otherwise to ease this RA, I would love to hear from you. I know one of my blog buddies also named Carmen suffers with fibromyalgia and I always think of her on days like this especially and also my friend Karen Betchan. I hope as the day goes on maybe I can get that new pattern finished and posted if this eases up, usually takes hours. Hope to make it to Church this evening too. God Bless. Carmen B.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Little Brother

Although he is a good 8-10 inches taller than me, he is still my little brother. This is Jimmy, goes by name of "Captain James Widowmaker Holt" on facebook. He lives in Bradenton, Florida where I am from also and is a participant in a Pirates for Prayer group. They get to dress up as Pirates for all the local activities and visit schools and such. He really enjoys it. I am so happy for him.

Friday, May 21, 2010

E-Patterns special price $6.00 each

I am offering two of my e-patterns for just $6.00 each. Or purchase BOTH e-patterns for just $10.00. First is "Big Ole Annie", a 38" Prim Raggedy doll with applique pillow. Next is "Betsy's Flag", a 49" sitting or hanging doll which can also be made as a vacuum cover (Doll has no legs). Paypal button for these patterns are at side bar. Thanks!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Dolls shipped.

Finally got these two girls shipped out to a customer. This is my Prairie Blessings and Primitive Garden Annie vac covers dolls. Patterns available on my website. Hope to work toward the shows a little now.

Corky and Zoey ...Looking pretty guilty

Don't know what they did, probably don't want to know either but they looked pretty darn guilty when I walked in the kitchen! They have that look of "The Cat who just swallowed the Canary!!" LOL!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thank you Karen, how sweet!

I received the sweetest little card yesterday in the mail from a sweet friend, Karen Betchan. It was a sympathy card in regrds to the loss of my little "Taffy" recently. The card had a little cut out on the front with an adorable little puppy dog and she included a poem called Rainbow Bridge. It is about our little furry friends going on to heaven and waiting for us there and when we arrive and they see us they run to us and we cross Rainbow Bridge together. So sweet, it made me cry. It is so hard when we lose our little furry babies we love so much. Thank you Karen, that was so thoughtful of you! Blessings, Carmen

Monday, May 17, 2010

Back to Work!

Went to my little grand daughters b-day party Saturday, she turned one year old. Oh gee was it hot, they had it out in a park. Was really fun but just REAL hot. So I came home with a bad headache from the heat, and of course brought my little grandson Dustin back with me. He stayed overnight, went to church with me and then Celena and I took him back home to Thomasville Sunday evening. Such a sweet little guy. It is a very hot humid stormy day here today, Thunderstorms off and on, blowing in and out. Can't hang any laundry out today so I am just going to try to work harder today and get some more dolls made, I have an order pending right now for a customer who wanted an Annie and Praire Doll vac cover so I need to get her order finished up and also try to get those patterns I have been working on completed. Seems it takes for ever to get anywhere with this stuff lately! LOL! But honestly my RA hurts me so bad that it does slow me down considerably anymore, so much more slower than I ever was but if I stop doing anything completely with the crafting my fingers and wrists will just stiffen up. Hope all is well with everyone out there in Blog land.. Blessings, Carmen

Update on Michael

Celena was shocked to see another message from Michael today. Thank God he is okay, no casualties or serious injuries. They are limited on what they can say. Michael said the fire was really bad, still burning and smoldering, he was able to get a lot of pics. Nearby Marines have helped battle the blaze, the area where Michael and his unit were are evacuated as it burned up. We did see where there was a bombing right outside his camp so we don't know if that started the fire or not. Thank you all who have commented and offered up your prayers and have been so kind to take the time to pray for Michael, and oh how I pray too for all our Troops, thank you all and I know all of you who have loved ones and friends out there in this war live with this same feelings I do day in and day out. I pray for all of your loved ones too and thanks for being so kind and for your comforting comments. I know we are all in this together. God bless each of you and God Bless our Troops! Blessings, Carmen

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Prayer request

My daughter Celena received a message today from Michael, her hubby,who is in Afghanistan, it stated that apparently their camp was bombed, hit, and burned to the ground today. We have no idea of injuries or casualties, if Michael is injured or not. There will be no further contact from any of them for several days at least. The message stated to watch the news... so far haven't seen anything, apparently a news crew must have come in. PLEASE keep them in your prayers.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Shipping out doll orders

Have a few wholesale orders to get shipped, one went out today. Feels good to be feeling up to working again and actually seeing orders get done. Got to go to my little grand daughter..Brianna... b-day party early tomorrow afternoon. She is a great big ONE year old. LOL!! They are having a little party for her at the park in Thomasville. Well, I am off to bed, had enough for today.....back to work and to the b-day party for tomorrow I hope! Blessings to all!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Very Sad Day

Well, it has been a tearful and heartbreaking day here yesterday evening and today, only time will heal. My little blond long hair Chihuahua, Taffy, died in my arms this morning. Celena had rushed her to the vet yesterday afternoon, after office hours so the vet charged us $100.00 just to go to his office. They kept her over night, called this morning, said we could do for her what they were there, charged us another $123.00, so we picked her up, brought her home, I was holding her in a blanket and she took her last breaths about ten minutes after we got her home. I think she held on long enough to get home. I know they get old and die eventually, she had a long and good life. It just hurts so much to lose them. Celena and I buried her out in the woods behind the house. That was so hard. It is amazing what you can do when you have to that you feel you are otherwise too weak and hurt to do. I just walked out there tonight to see a number of fire flies lighting around where she is buried. I know we all lose out treasured little furry babies through out life, unfortunately "death is part of life" as Dad always said... and it is always hard and heart breaking. And losing Taffy was no exception. I had to take something to calm my nerves today and have slept most of the day since we buried her. Only time will heal I guess.I miss you Taffy baby, I love you.