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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Knuckle Head factory! Please email me with your info and I will mail the patterns out to you as soon as you make your selection.. any three you choose. Thanks so much to all who entered, gosh it is so hard having to draw only one name as everyone is so kind and leave such sweet comments! It is nice to know there are such wonderful people around. Thank you to everyone who entered and for your kind thoughts and well wishes. It has been a very hard weekend, very hurtful things unravel and ugly truths come out about people and things you wish you didn't have to know about. Gosh how I wish Football was still on, that is a nice distraction for me as I LOVE football. Maybe some day my ship will come in but I always said I would be at the airport when it does! And so far that has been true...LOL!! If I am meant to be alone, well so be it, NO PROBLEM!! Been alone for a long time. Anything is better than having to try to unravel lies and deceit day in and day out to stress your life completely! Thanks again to everyone who entered my give away and all of those who visit my blog. Blessings to you all!!!! Please continue to visit! Thanks!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another messy view..LOL!

This old rooster cupboard serves as a great storage bin for fabric and magazines, feed sacks, etc. And of course another wood crate on top of it full of bolts of fabric.The basket has pieces and bits of fabrics, fat quarters ands such but is running over these days!. There is a long cabinet and it's counter top which serves as a great workplace for me when I am painting doll faces, etc. also the cabintes above and below it are full of supplies. It is a bit messy but is tucked in the back portion of the house in the laundry/ sewing room so no one has to look at it when they come in the house!

Re- Arranging and Re-Doing.

I have been trying to occupy my time with as much as I can. Got plenty of sewing to do but need a little break from that occasionally. I brought this cupboard in from off the back porch and re arranged this bathroom,it is a good size L shape bathroom so I can fit a few things in there. Against the wall is a bench that matches the cupboard. An old friend had made both items for me many years ago.It was back when the Country style wood stuff was big. I have never had the heart to paint over these and I like them the way they are. So this bathroom is done in the wood country style. I am making a fresh start and I want to re do some rooms with items I already have, helps the Fresh Start feel better! I enjoy re-arranging anyway.

Antique Dresser

This old dresser has been with me for about 28 years! I used to clean houses on the side many moons ago when I lived in Bradenton, Florida b/f my youngest daughter was ever born. The lady owned a private school and was married to a doctor. They built a huge new house and gave me some of her old antiques that they had sitting around, this was one of them.I have a lot of old wooden crates and wood boxes so I have filled them with bolts of fabric too. Might as well put them to good use.This is also in my Laundry/sewing room.

Amish Goat Cart

This old Goat Cart I purchased many years ago from a local antique store here in town. Since I moved over here over 3 yeras ago I don't have the room I used to so I have always had a hard time placing the goat cart some where and refuse to leave it on the front porch.. probably wouldn't be there the next day if you know what I mean! LOL! So Finally I saw a pic in a magazine a couple years ago, was a quilt shop who had fabric bolts in a cart at her shop so I deceided that was a great idea! Soooo,I filled it with fabric bolts, works for me! And gets the cart out of the way. You can see the messy box with doll parts hanging from it too..LOL!

Messy Sewing room, no shame!

Ok, I know sewing rooms just can not be neat and clean unlesss you never use them! LOL. Here is a pic of just one rack of fabric bolts that I have. This is an old barn door a dear old farmer man locally was going to trash, I knew him and asked about it so he gave it to me about a year or so ago and I attached it to the rack that some of my fabric bolts are on to help hide the messy. It also serves as a great back ground for taking pics of new pattern designs. The greenery hanging from the gate has wonderful sentimental value, the greenery is from my precious daughter Celena's wedding. It was on the Arch that I decorated for her wedding & they were married under the Arch, was an outdoor wedding. (Sniff Sniff, Cry) Next, I have two of these racks full of bolts of fabric, I obtained the racks years ago from the trash bin of a local walmart store who threw them out. They were formerly used in the garden center for plants at that walmart but when I saw them out at the trash, I knew immeadiately what I could use them for!!.....they work perfectly for holding these bolts of fabric! So I got a neighbor with a truck and asked them to help me salvage the racks, and of course as you can see we did!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Zoie, How cute is she??

Well today I turn 52, spending the day all alone, just me and my pets and I am enjoying every minute of it! I still worry even now about finances, being alone after that surgery as I still have trouble doing things and reaching things, but I am enjoying living alone. My precious little doggie Zoie is enjoying her Chew Bone toy, had to take a pic, what a sweet face.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow, Snow,Snow in Georgia! WoooHoo!

I know those folks up north think I am crazy but I have wanted to see snow for ever! We finally got it today in Moultrie, Georgia! It started early this evening maybe around 5, started out just really thick, within an hour it was coming down so heavy and fast with flakes larger than potato chips and covereing everything in a light sheet of white, so gorgeous!! Oh it was so beautiful! I stood out in it for over an hour taking pics, could hear neighbors and their children yelling and screaming playing it in it all excited! I wanted to play too but had to act like an adult. I didn't really think it was going to stick b/c it has been raining all day long but hasn't been out of the 30's. Then this evening it started snowing and was sticking and within an hour or so it was covering roof tops and everything. I hope it stays through out the night and I can get some beautiful pics in the morning. I took pics until it got too dark out side. But it is still coming down! Oh, here is my snowman I built on the back of my car..heeee, ok, don't laugh, we don't get any practice at this sort of thing here! Well, back to sewing and peeking out the window every few minutes to look at this very unusual and beautiful sight we are enjoying here in SW Georgia! Blessings, to all, Carmen.

Snow on porch rail and covered ground and water hose.

Snow got heavier, is so lovely! Zoie enjoyed it the most besides ME!

Corky covered in snow, Corky and Zoie playing in it when it first started snowing today.

Snow on the house and on my car after an hour of snowing, it was sticking.

Curly acted scared to death of the snow!

Curly stood out in the snow, he was covered in it and was just crying and hollaring at me! He followed me to the back porch and tries to open the screen door with his mouth, I had to latch in. He wanted in! Don 't know why he wouldn't go to the barn. I think because my outdoor dog, Lucy, was on the back porch and wouldn't go to the barn, She seemed scared of the snow too, she just stood at the porch door barking and crying. Until I let her on the porch. Curly is a mountain goat by breed but never has seen snow before! He just didn't know what to think about it. He finally gave up and went to the barn. Poor guy.

Snow was really coming down so fast! Zoie enjoyed playing in it! .



Monday, February 8, 2010


My new website is open and in celebration I am having a new Give away on my Blog. ANY THREE PATTERNS of your own choice. All you have to do is JOIN or ALREADY be a member of my blog and leave me a comment below to enter. Jennie is still working and hasn't gotten all of my patterns listed yet so please keep checking back. All patterns will be listed on there by the time I have the Give-Away Drawing so you will have a chance to view all the patterns. Drawing will be February 28th, thanks so much to everyone for stopping by!


The New WebSite is now open! My site is now The Olde FarmHouse Road, formerly Little Country Blessings for many,many years. (All patterns, etc of Little Country Blessings are now copyright and property of The Olde Farmhouse Road)

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Zoie was adopted from the pound as a puppy last year. My daughter Celena adopted her but had to leave Zoie with me as she headed for California to be with her husband Michael who is in the Navy and stationed in California. Zoie was a chewing nightmare for a good while! LOL!!..... but finally has started to get over that, whew! I buy her stuffed animal toys from the Salvation Army store for twenty five cents each..can't beat that! (run them through the washer first!) and she is content with those toys these days. But I still have to be careful what is lying around. She is so sweet and precious and has gotten to where she listens quite well now. Zoie has become great company for me.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Finished Dolls this week!

Managed to get three orders done for finished items, Geraldines Hen and Mammy Vacuum covers. These are both my own designs, patterns available on my website. And OMG, I am so happy to see all of you who have already re-joined my blog!! And such sweet comments too, you really brighten my day for sure. Guess I need to re-join blogs since I deleted mine and had to start over.. or do I? Not sure how that works! LOL! God Bless each and every one of you and wish I could have given each of you a slice of that pie..heee and yes Becky, that was in Sandy's kitchen this Christmas season.... you know it girl! God Bless!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Starting Over..litterally

Well my blog had a glitch that I couldn't straighten out, so I had to delete my blog and start over.. hmm, just like my LIFE now! Starting over again there too. Always thought at this age, 51, my life would be more secure and settled but instead I am starting over again. My heart is broken into a million pieces but I guess it will mend. I am also starting over with my website, it is now The Olde FarmHouse Road... formerly Little Country Blessings. Jennie is still working on it but should be up and running in a day or so. Well, guess I have a lot of work to do sewing and also to get my blog filled with pics, etc. Thanks to all who stop by! Blessings to you all, Carmen