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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day 20013..Good Comapny!

 Celena, Dustin, and Brianna playing with  Sparklers in the back yard in middle of the day.. go figure!
                                              Michael, Celena, Dustin, and Brianna.
Brianna spent the night with me Tuesday night and was enjoying her oatmeal breakfast on the back porch right off the kitchen Wednesday morn.she loves the back porch and always wants to eat her meals out there.  She Loves the  tabletop water fountain and the greenery and flowers..

Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Goat, Curly, the love of my life!!

 This is my precious Curly, he is a long haired Mountain Goat. Hasn't been sheared for a good while and desperately needed it b/f summer sets in.Took this pic last week. He follows me everywhere I go.
 The wool shears off in huge layers, just amazing. Eddie and one of his students came out to shear him yesterday. This kid he brought was absolutely amazing with Curly. No one has ever been as big of a help or knew how to handle Curly like this kid did. He was a great help to Eddie and made me so happy for Curly.
 Layers of wool just falling as it is sheared. Eddie's student helper handles farm animals a lot and knew exactly what to do and how to do it.Curly did the best he ever has during a shearing! Such a relief off my mind.It can get so brutal during his shearing and always has in the past but yesterday went so great.
                                                         Almost done!
 On back porch, the big pile of wool Eddie sheared off Curly! Looks like an animal lying there.The wool weighed in @ 8 pounds!!
                                                   Curly not standing still for this shot.
 Now he is ready for a frontal view pic! He is so puny and tiny after all that wool is off! Looks like a little lamb..but he is actually a long haired mountain goat. Doesn't even look like the same animal after this shearing.
AND...TA DA!! An 8 pound bag of pure wool compliments of Curly today!!! Wish I could lose 8 pounds that fast!!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Around the Farm

My darling grand daughter, Brianna turned 4 this past weekend. So beautiful and oh does that girl have attitude!! LOL
Brianna and Dustin, my grand babies playing in the store.. Brianna calls them Aliens instead of Mannequins. She was saying "Look Grandma, I'm holding hands with an Alien!"..
Well, Miley is alive and well Thank God! My sweet kitty, chillin on the back porch. I had finally tackled that project, have it all cleaned up and set up with a big table top water fountain and lots of beautiful flowers and plants, antiques, an old rocker and a bench with an old quilt and pillow on it. I spend a lot of evenings out there just relaxing listening to nature in the huge woods on my property behind my house and also the trickling water fountain.The back porch is enclosed with wall halfway
up and then screen the rest of the way up so I can enjoy the outdoors w/o the bugs and pests. The jasmine is blooming everywhere in my yard and the smell is unbelievable! Love it on the back porch, so private, peaceful, smells so good and the nights have been so cool still so it is wonderful to just sit out here and enjoy the sounds and the blooming jasmine or sit out here with my laptop and just feel a little piece of heaven, Miley always sits with me out here.Makes it even more special.
Some of the Jasmine growing in the woods in the backyard. It is growing all in my wooded area in back of the house, by the sides of the house and just everywhere you look.I have the kitchen window open a lot and the smell is so strong in the kitchen too. It is sooo beautiful. Only God could create something so beautiful and that smells so sweet!!
Curly always follows me everywhere I go.. Kinda like "Mary had a little lamb, everywhere that Mary went the lamb was sure to go.."! LOL.. he is my baby. Loves to have his pic taken too and has to watch everything I do! Guess I have had Curly close to 15 years now. He is supposed to get sheared this week some time. Needs it badly. Poor baby. Say a prayer for him plz, he is up in age and he gets so stressed and upset when he gets sheared. It is hard on him and I can't bear to watch.
What a beautiful face.. only a mother could love..heee I Love my precious Curly baby!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Sister

Sis is doing some what better, finally after two weeks she is out of ICU, in a regular room but not where she should be as far as recovery. They are talking of sending her to the rehab facility to get her strength up more, she is very weak which is to be expected but still further behind than she should be at this point. She is still unable to talk and that upsets me. I called her on Mother's Day but more like she had to listen and couldn't have conversation. Don't know why she has had such a hard time with this, she was in good shape  and strong otherwise b/f the surgery. Talked to her hubby on phone yesterday and today. He is hopeful she will be home maybe in a week or so if things go well..all prayers still appreciated. Her name is Teresa Margraf.
            I had a nice Mother's Day weekend. Both my girls (Kelly and Celena Jem) and my two grand babies (Dustin and Brianna) were here along with Celena's hubby and also his brother. We had a cook out and little party in the park for Brianna Saturday, she turned 4 years old. Was very beautiful weather for her party, cool and breezy, and just a great day. Everyone plus some was there, about 15 of us. The kids, even the grown ones, had a blast on the swings and slides, etc @ the park. The kid in us never dies.
  I am still talking to my old friend in Bradenton, he mentioned coming up for a visit so that will be interesting. Guess we can look @ each other and see how old and broken down we both look (LOL) and then go from there! Haven't seen each other in person in over 30 years, closer to 34 I believe. We are both 55 now. He was tall and dark hair, handsome, and such a wonderful guy. What the heck was wrong with me???!!!!!!! I let it slip away! Could've had a V8 ....LOL. The ignorance of youth, huh?? Anyway, it is what it is now and I am soo happy we have re connected. Never can have too many friends and especially ones as nice and kind as he is. Thankfully he doesn't know I have a Blog so I can post about it!! Heeee. Hope all you ladies had a Wonderful Mother's Day!!!! Until next time.
Kelly, me, Celena, Dustin, and Brianna @ the park Saturday for her B-day party! Woot!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Sister

My sister is finally making very good progress and seems to be staying consistent with it thank God! Still in isolation in Cardiac ICU, still has nasal oxygen tube and feeding tube into stomach but hoping that will come out soon. Her strength is improving daily now.  I am soooooo happy. On another subject, My friend that I have reconnected with on FB has been such a great encouragement, he and I are still chatting everyday on line. When I go to see my sister, he and I are going to get together. Looking forward to that. Will be so much fun, so much to catch up on. Can't wait to see my sister either. Love her very much. Blessings to all......

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Been a long time since I posted. My sister has had serious heart surgery this past Monday and has had some major set backs. Finally today looks like better news has come and she is doing a bit better. Hope and pray it continues in that direction. She is still in cardiac ICU @ Tampa General after almost a week. Appreciate any and all prayers for her and family. I had my infusion treatment this past wednesday and have been very tired ever since, much more so than usual, hoping that will change. Things need to start looking up and I am sure they will. Need to get everyone healthy and happy again.  On a better note... early last month I have re-connected on FB with an old friend I used to date almost 34 years ago!!! We worked @ Tropicana together in Bradenton, Florida where I am from. My sister and her family and also my brother Jimmy and his wife still live there. Soo, my friend and I  have been chatting every day on FB and also on the phone a little so that has been fun. We are planning to get together real soon. Gee will that be an experience!! Haven't seen each other in over 30 years!! Ha!! We were both so young then, 20 years old. Funny I remember very well our dates that we did go on. He was such a wonderful guy and such a gentleman but I guess I was too busy trying to sew wild oats rather than see what a good thing I had right in front of me. My loss for sure! He is a great guy with a good job, not a drunk or an addict, SINCERE , HONEST, kind... such a HUGE and refreshing change from what I have seen around here! LOL!!I have been divorced for about 8 years and he is also divorced now so who knows.. be fun to get together again though. Certainly looking forward to it. Blessings to all....hope to update more as time permits, I have missed blogging!