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Monday, July 30, 2012

Day at The Museum

My grandson Dustin and I went to the museum today, spending a little time with him b/f school starts. We picked Celena up and she went with us, the three of us had lunch afterwards. Nice day. Guess I will have to take him back home in a day or two. They grow up so fast!! He is already 9 yrs old as of last week! Oh dear!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Babies!

My precious Miley and Cleo.
My adorable little Cleo! Top two are Cleo in the bathroom trash can  as soon as I emptied it, then she is in the mop bucket in the kitchen and then she is sleeping the the bowl on top of the kitchen table that has a sunflower plant in it. She is so cute, has no tail. She is the kitty Celena found out in the old shed in the back of my yard, she was hiding in an old dryer vent out there in the heat. Was probably only about 5 weeks old maybe when Celena found her. How could I say" No" to something soo adorable and cute!