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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

OH No Lysha!! No you didn't!!! Toooo Funny!

Ok, do you remember Lysha?? the abused Husky that Celena and I rescued??... Well...I just HAVE to write about this, I am still laughing so hard. Celena, my daughter called me this morning from California and as we are talking she tells me about their friend who also lives with them and is in the service with Celena's hubby, anyway the young man who I won't say his name, will call him John Doe, so John Doe is going to be leaving the country for about a week, he is on leave for about 8 days and is going to be visiting in another country during that time.
Sooo, John Doe occasionally likes to party when he is on leave. So this girl he is sort of seeing had bought some pot, paid about $40.00 for it, supposed to be good stuff. Anyway she brings it over and gives it to John Doe to keep until tomorrow when he and his girl friend and a few other of his friends were going to get together and party b/f John Doe leaves for his trip abroad. So John Doe has the pot in the house. So, while Celena and Michael and John Doe were all sleeping last night, Lysha sniffs out the pot, EATS every bit of it and leaves the chewed up baggy in the living room floor!! OMG, I am still laughing soo hard, I thought it was hillarious!! Of course we all know now that Lysha would make a great drug sniffing police dog! But they would have to retrieve it from her b/f she eats it! But Lysha is fine today,I am sure she was feeling no pain for hours last night though!! Probably explains why she ate all the dog food in the dish during the night too....had the munchies after eating that dope! Now I don't smoke pot and don't agree with it but I think it is the less of the evils of drugs and I do think it is probably less harmless than some one getting filthy drunk all the time, but no I don't believe it is right. But I just had to laugh soo hard at Lysha and this little incident. I guess John Doe knows not to bring drugs into their house again! We don't want Lysha in Doggy rehab or hitting the streets looking for a dealer!HEE!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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Friday, June 17, 2011

My son in law, Michael

Armed and ready, makes me nervous. I worry so much about him, and all of the troops.
They are all some ones son or daughter. May God Be with them All!

Michael will be going to Africa next month for his last deployment. These are pics from when he was in Afghanistan the end of last year right b/f Thanksgiving. May God be with All Our Troops! Luv You Michael!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

FINALLY! Curly sheared properly..LOL!

Mr. Eddie came out today and sheared Curly. He has sheared him for a number of years now and he knows how to do it and what he is doing so I was so glad it finally got done. Curly's hair was felted and matted and with this heat I know the poor fellow was so miserable! He feels sooo much better now, and so do I!! Curly still gave Eddie a difficult time, he doesn't like being sheared at all, but I had given Curly a peanut butter and valium sandwich about 45 minutes b/f Eddie got here so he seemed to think it made a differnce and so do I. It is so hard to watch though b/c Curly gets soo upset, I worry due to his age especially and add the heat to it, well I stood inside and prayed the whole time of the shearing that Curly would be okay. I have had Curly about 13 years. But, the job is done now and Curly has all that heavy thick matted hair off him and he seems to feel much better, thank God once again he made it through the shearing!

Monday, June 13, 2011

My news

My son in law (pictured above, Michael Garcia) will be shipping out again for deployment to Africa the end of next month, please keep all our troops in your prayers. My daughter Celena will be coming back to this area when he leaves next month and thank God he will be out of the Navy when he returns and they won't be going back to California where he is stationed. Nothing against Calif.. it is just sooo far away from where I am!! Celena will be staying in Albany about 40 minutes from me, she has a job promised to her over there plus her best friend she grew up with lives there, we went to church over there all the time she was growing up so a lot of her friends are there plus Michael's family, she spent a lot of time in Albany so it is very familiar territory to her. Anyway, she will be close by so I am happy! My second news.. knew it would happen. Some one copied my witch pattern exactly and stuck a frickin frog with it and put it on Pattern Cupboard as their own design with the New Fall Patterns. They shrunk it down and painted the eyes on differently than what I did with them, but yup, my pattern copied exactly. Grrrrrrrrrrr! Well, got things to do and places to go so hope you have a safe and Blessed week!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

E-Pattern Special!

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Friday, June 3, 2011


Please keep Celena in your prayers. Her doctor wants to see her at 8 Monday morn to discuss all her test results. Am praying she will easily be able to get this taken care of what ever it is that was wrong. I worry so much about her, she is still my baby even though she is 23 years old now and being so far away from her, well it is very difficult. Thanks so much for your prayers.

Jessica and Friends

Jessica and some of her friends at the Beach in Bradenton, Florida ready for Graduation Night!

Jessica ....crowned Senior Court Princess this year!

Jessica (orange gown, 1st one on right) and some of her friends at the beach a couple days b/f High School Graduation!

What a beautiful picture, makes me cry! She is all grown up now.

My beautiful Niece graduated

(Pictured above is Sophie(my sis in law), My brother Jimmy and his beautiful daughter who is my niece, Jessica)
My beautiful niece Jessica graduated from South East High School in Bradenton, Florida night b/f last. She has accomplished so much and I am so very, very proud of her for all the great accomplishments she has made and most of all for making the RIGHT choices she has made all these years.
When Jessica was barely 8 years old, her biological mother whom she lived with, took her own life in the very room with Jessica. My brother Jimmy, who is her biological father, and his wife Sophie who has become nothing but MOM, not step mom to Jessica, have had custody of her ever since. She is their only child.
Jessica started making Honor Roll in grade school at that time and has ever since. She was senior class president and presided over the graduation Ceremony the other night, introducing all the speakers and giving the welcome speech at the begining of the Ceremony. Jessica was state and Divisional weight lifting champion as a senior this year!!
In her Freshman year, Jessica was on drill team, volleyball team,was vice president of her class and was crowned the Freshman Princess that year. As a Sohomore, she was on the Sophomore advisory board and continued her weightlifting and sports participation, earning medals in weightlifting. Her Junior year she was again on the advisory board, was junior class secretary and helped plan the prom. Also she joined the National Honor Society which requires a 3.5 grade point average or higher, she made it to state finals that year in weight lifting and placed with a medal, She was the Manatee County Champion for her weight class.
Jessica said her dream the first three years of high school was to become class president of her senior class.. and YES she accomplished that!! She won, she was elected Senior Class President!! Woot Woot!!! She was crowned Miss Senior Court in the pageant, placed in a talent show where she choreographed her own dance.. was awesome! She joined many clubs as a senior such as "Noles for Christ" (the school mascott is the South East Seminoles, thus Noles), Seminole Pride Club which was basically community service, National Honor Society again and Senior Advisory Board. In addition she joined Drill Team and says she enjoyed spinning that 9 pound rifle and marching. Her Drill Team went to the State finals and brought home trophies! Jessica also joined track team and of course continued in weight lifting, she went to state finals again placing 5th in the ENTIRE STATE for her weight lifting this year in her weight class doing 135 pound bench press and 155 pound clean and jerk lift, winning medals again!! She also became a Senior Notable which only 16 students are selected for this honor by teachers, her grades were in the top 10% of her class.This is why she got to wear Orange cap and gown at graduation instead of the blue gown.
Jessica has joined the United States Navy and will be shiping out July 19th. She is going to be an Operation Specialist, which is radar tracking on the ship. Jessica wants to do Power Lifting in the weight lifting after joining the Navy! She has BIG plans for her future and I don't doubt she will more than conquer and accomplsih anything and everything she sets out to do.
I am so very, very proud of her. Instead of falling prey to bad choices and lame excuses, she has stood tall and acccomplsihed so much. Jessica, her dad Jimmy (my brother) and (step) mom live below poverty level and have struggled desperately to get by month to month all these years, yet Jessica has not let any of that stand in her way of being a great success so I just can not and will not ever accept excuses I hear from these kids and adults who commite horrific crimes and use thier poor poverty stricken life or a tragedy as an excuse for rolling over into bad choices and drugs or for being a failure. Jessica has lived with a very low income level all these years and also has overcome the worst tragedy a child could possibly face, seeing her mother take her own life in front of her, yet Jessica chose to push forward full force and turned her life into great success and accomplishments! But I will say she did have one great advantage.. she has a mom and Dad who love her very much, support her in all she does, encouarge her and have led her to the church doors and shown her what it is to be not only a church member but to be active in the church and community in spite of their great financial struggles. She has been a great example for us all and my brother (her dad) says Jessica is his Hero! And through all this she is the most down to earth and humble person, has never been a 'Click" or snob and even just for that I am so proud!! I love you Jessica!!! So very proud. May God be with her, protect her and bless her all the days of her life. Go Jessica!!!!!!!!!