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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New today

Had this doll body lying around for months on end now so I whipped up a dress and bonnet for her finally. Also had to take a pic of one of Lysha's puppies, they are playing with everything now and boy are those teeth SHARP! The puppy was biting my toes today while I was cooking lunch.OUCH! Feels like a mouth full of sharp needles going in you!
So I gave her a stuffed toy to distract her away from my feet while I cooked. She grabbed the toy and shook and shook it and was growling that little puppy growl.. too cute.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Patriotic Music

Have added some patriotic music including a couple of oldie goodies from a USA war hero and Green Beret SSgt Barry Saddler whom I had the pleasure of meeting as a child (Gosh is he HOT!!), he wrote and recorded some songs from his tour of Vietnam that ended up very nearly costing him his leg.While serving in the Vietnam War, he was severely wounded in the knee by a feces-covered punji stick while leading a patrol in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, southeast of Pleiku in May 1965. I will never forget him. Unfortunately war can do a lot to a person and change them and his later years were not happier ones for him, he had seen a lot of death and a lot of brutal action in Vietnam. Very Sadly he was killed by a bullet to the head when entering a taxi, it remains a mystery who did it or why. Love and prayers to all our military, most espcially our own dear precious Michael in Afghanistan stationed at Camp LeatherNeck. We miss you baby, please be safe and God Bless each and every one of our Troops, all of our babies are special!! God be with you.
PS.. would also like to dedicate this to my Blog friend Carmen C. who's son is heading for Fort Benning, Georgia to Boot Camp in a few days and will be one of our Brave and treasured Soldiers. God Bless them all, God Bless the USA!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Wholesale order completed! Whew!

I just recently finished up a big wholesale order. 13 dolls in all. Now that I finally got back to the doc and got something for this RA , I am able to work a little better w/o all the pain so bad. There were 8 bag holders and 5 vac covers in this order. All are made from my own pattern designs. The mammy bag holders are from my Mammy's Chicken-N-Bags bag holder pattern and the other bag holders are made from a variation of another one of my patterns. I put various items in their arms. Hoping to get some of my patterns copied for Sandy and sent off to her, she sells a few of mine on her website and then I want to work on things for the up coming Fall Shows!! Wooohoo! I am really looking forward to the shows this year. Will be like old times, Just me and my daughter and no extra headaches! Guess I will do the "Pattern Shuffle" and see what I want to get started on making! Later! Have a Blessed weekend everyone!

More Bag Holders for order

Two Mammy VacCovers

These are made from my Primitive Mammy Vac Cover Pattern.
Also part of the wholesale order I just finished.

Betsy's Flag Vac Cover Dolls for Wholesale order

These are made from my Betsy's Flag Vacuum Cover doll
Part of wholesale order I finished up.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Treasure from Hobby Lobby

Yesterday Celena and I spent the day in Valdosta, I had a morning appointment so we spent the rest of the day having a fun girls day out. Had lunch at Sonny's Bar-B-Q. Then we went treasure hunting at Goodwill and found a few things each. Next it was off to the Mall... Celena bought some things for the dogs at Pet's Mart, then to Old Navy where Celena always finds the cutest clothes and shoes.. she is a definite fashion bug, always has been. The girl has more shoes, clothes and accessories than anyone I know! But I actually found a skirt at Old Navy that I just had to have and it was on sale sooo... WHEW!! That was nice! We went to several other places including Hobby Lobby. I of course needed some fabric so I used those great little 40% off coupons I printed out and I found this plate and bowl and couldn't resist it. They had several other matching pieces to go with but I couldn't afford to get all that this trip. They were 50% off, Celena bought me the bowl and I got myself the plate. I absolutely LOVE it so I wanted to post the pic to share. My kitchen is done in chickens.
It is a lazy and cool evening, Celena is lying on the couch reading a book, she loves to read and is also enjoying one of the (get this) Monkey Fart Tarts (yes that is the name of the scent) that Sandy made and gave to me... it smells like bananas and fruity I suppose, what ever the blend it does smell good. Never thought I would say I enjoy the smell of a fart...LOL...It is a very nice quiet evening here. All the dogs seem to have run out of gas for the night and are sleeping. Well, I have a wholesale order to work on so I better get busy b/f the lady gets very upset with me! Sewwwwww, I am off to work on the order, have to pay the bills some how!!!! .. Blessings to everyone!

Awwww, how precious is that????

While Lysha, mommy dog, went out in the back yard for a run today, we brought the puppies in the house and let Lyra and Zoey get their first good look at them. It was funny. They stood there glaring in the box and just so curious. Zoey finally climbed in the box with them but that didn't last long. Guess she decided having 4 puppies was not for her! Can't help but wonder what they were thinking. They seemed to be just amazed at them.

Polar Bear puppy!

LOL! Celena and I agree this puppy looks just like a little stuffed white Polar bear toy!

Lysha and two of her 4 puppies.She is so sweet.

Puppies are now about two weeks old I think

They are so sweet and cute. Just opened their eyes the other day and then today a couple of them have started to do that baby puppy bark. They are also trying to sit up and walk but are still wobbly but OMG, these are the biggest strongest puppies I have ever seen! It is going to be so hard to part with them. Celena has already found homes for most of them I think but she is being soo picky cause she wants them to have a good and safe home. I honestly don't think she has told anyone they could definitely have one! Says she is going to run a back ground check on anyone who wants one and then go do follow up home visits after they get the puppy but I said I believe that is going a little too far! LOL!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My son in law Michael, pics from Afghanistan

Hoping and praying for a safe return for ALL our troops. God Bless them all. We Love you Michael!