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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Best ThanksGiving Ever!!

What a miracle! We haven't been together as a family in over 15 years! There were 12 of us squeezed into my house and some times 13 with Ronnie here. We had air matresses going for a few sleeping arrangements, the couch, love seat and what ever we could find..., LOL.. it was awesome and I loved every second of it. Was a Full House for sure. My sister Teresa and her hubby Bob got in early Tuesday, my niece Vannessa, her hubby Jerry who is back from Pakistan (US Air Force), and their 2 year old son Gabriel got here Tuesday evening and everyone else arrived early Wednesday morning (my brother Jimmy, his wife Sophie, their daughter Jessica and then Michael and Celena here also). We cooked all day and had our Thanksgiving Dinner late Wednesday afternoon, decided to do that and just enjoy FootBall and fun Thursday.. worked out great and so glad we did it that way... then we all went to the downtown square for the Lighting on The Square.. was lovely as usual. Was a great time. Then we came back here to my house, stayed up playing "Uno" card game for hours Wednesday and Thrusday night. What a blast, a crazy group of people. Michael, my SIL, is soo funny and so is my Brother Jimmy and brother in law Bob. We all laughed the whole 3 days they were all here, I had invited Ronnie to be a part of all the festivities, (my daughter Celena's father) for dinner Wednesday and again Thursday evening for left overs and to go to the square with us all and then back here for hours of "Uno" afterwards.We all had such a great time. I will never forget it. It was such a wonderful Blessing to me and to be with my family again finally! Friday morn of course was hard...saying goodbye to everyone as they all headed back to Bradenton, Florida and Vannessa, Jerry and Gabriel head back to New Jersey where he is stationed with the US Air Force. But the hardest of all is yet to come....Michael and Celena will be leaving tomorrow(Sunday) to go back to California. Celena, my baby girl, has been here with me since March when Michael was deployed back to Afghanistan, so saying goodbye to her will be the hardest thing tomorrow as they leave. Don't know when I will see her again, will probably be more than a year. Not looking forward to her leaving. My heart is breaking already but I am so thankful for what time we have been together and for this AWESOME Thanksgiving! Truly so much to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving 2010! Never imagined it would happen! Praise the Lord! And may God keep Celena and Michael. Blessings to all of You and Yours!

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