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Thursday, December 2, 2010


My baby girl Celena just called me a few minutes ago, it is one in the morning here but only around ten in California.. she called to let me know they had just pulled up in the drive way to their new home in Oxnard, California, been on the road for several days since leaving here Sunday after Thanksgiving. Oh I am soooo relieved! Celena is very excited as she has not seen the house yet. Beautiful home on the beach, wood flooring, spiral staircase, huge third story balcony... I can't wait to see pics! Michael rented it for them after returning from Afghanistan a couple weeks ago b/f heading here to Georgia to my house to meet up with Celena and for Thanksgiving with all of us and his family. Sooo, Michael, Celena, Lyra and Lysha are all finally together at their new home tonight safe and sound! God is Good!


  1. Glad to hear that your daughter & family arrived safe & sound!

  2. Though you will miss them, it has to be a relief that they made it to their new home and will be together.
    God is good indeed!
    Blessings to you Carmen.

  3. So glad she is safe at her new home. It has to be a big relief for you.