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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More stuff for show

Lots of stuff done and almost done... I printed out these graphics onto stained muslin and stitched them on some red ticking fabric stockings, still need to fill the stockings with greenery and cinnamon sticks. Then I used a sweet meadows farm bear pattern, made the tummy a bit smaller and no legs.. stuck them in these old cutters quilt stockings I made up, they still need greenery and such in them also. These snowmen in a stocking, not so sure I like them. I only made two of them. Had the bodies here and decided to stick them in a stocking. Then I have some santa dolls made from an Olde Country Cupboard pattern... couldn't tell you which pattern it is right now..LOL.. but she has a lot of wonderful santa patterns .......Then Celena has about 16 of the BIG plastic candy canes wrapped in fabric which need to be decorated with greenery, bells and I have the cards printed out to go on them so that will be on her to do list for tomorrow....and now last, well here is Miley doing her job quite well..... keeping the couch warm in case I need to sit down it will be warm for me. Well back to work, lots more going and lots more to do yet! Blessings to all and thanks Judy and Nanna for your kind words and yes Linda, I named Bristol after Sarah's daughter..LOL.. I like some of these celebrity's names! Thanks hon!

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  1. could you send me some of that energry, just a little? LOL my show is in 2 weeks, not sure how I lost a week LOL great progress on gettig things together!oh & the Christmas music was a pleasant surprise with my morning coffee