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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finishing up some things

Santa heads from a Tennessee Ridge pattern, lighted santa reindeer boxes from The Olde Country Cupboard Pattern, Santa head make do's from a Lucy's Lazy Day pattern, and huge messy sewing room. My house is a complete disaster this time of year so close to shows. Mule Days Show is this Saturday. I have stuff everywhere! Kitchen is covered in tarts and room sprays and the table is coverd in bolts of fabric and snowmen.
My living room is full of fabrics and projects as well. Good thing I am single! But after show time it all gets cleaned up. It drives me crazy having such a mess but oh well,nothing I can do right now. Too short on time b/f shows.


  1. I love everything...especially the Santa heads!

    Hugs to Curly...I just love seeing him.

  2. you house sounds like mine with just a little over 2 weeks till show time, this is my last show & since it's a 2 day show 9-9 /9-4 whew! I have to make like I'm doing 3 shows again, whew! LOL hummm do I dare show pictures LOL LOL, wishing you lots of sales, aww lets go for the gold! lets sell all! LOL LOL