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Monday, February 27, 2012

To My friend Karen

Just want to say Hello to my friend Karen B... thanks so much for your great thoughtfulness and kindness. You are an angel, wish everyone had a friend like you and I am so thankful that God blessed me with you.. though we have never met in person you have been so sweet to me, to Sandy and I am sure to everyone else you care about. I enjoy our chats on the phone so much. You are a real Comfort and a Blessing. Just want to say Thank You Karen, and I hope that foot is more than perfect in no time! You deserve the best and you are a very special person with a HUGE heart. . God Bless you and yours. I thank God for some awesome friends he has blessd me with.

Monday, February 20, 2012

New Make -Do Pattern

My New Pattern includes both The Mammy head and The Owl make do patterns.

Owl Make do has "Owl always Love you" stitched on his tummy.

Mammy head make do.

Pattern is available on Blog side bar and soon to be on website. It is available as e-pattern for $6.00 (includes both make do patterns) or as mailed version for $8.50. Finished also available $22.95 each or $35.99 as a set ppd in USA.


A sweet friend, Delores, sent this pic to me today. Think she had seen it on the weather channel. Delores knows how much I love snow and since we never get any here she emails me some gorgeous pictures sometimes. This one was taken in Kentucky.Thanks Delores!!

Me with my Sweet Little Grandson

You can barely see Brianna hiding her face.. so sweet.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Wonderful weekend with the ones I Love...

Celena, Brianna, and Dustin

Me with Brianna and Dustin

Brianna and her nappy hair..heee!

Dustin Loves that Black Dinosaur shirt ....I had bought it for him a while back, he wears it the whole time he is here! Has the big Dinosaur eye on front and a dinosaur on the back. Guess it is the best Thrift Store find I made. Sure makes him Happy.

Brianna, isn't she just sweet as sugar??

Friday, February 17, 2012

My weekend so far!

Got this doll order done and shipped.

This is from my Mammy's Black Hen pattern available on website as pattern or finished..

Took these pics tonight. I have Dustin and Brianna here for the weekend and Celena came to spend the night also. Full House! Brianna wanted that tobogan hat on so bad, she looks like that little character from "Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids"

More pics from this evening, Dustin always wants to make the most dreadful faces when I take his pics. And again.. that little character from Fat Albert!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Hi Tina!! Celena LOVES her new purse! She is using it and told me today the more she looks at it the more she likes it. I absolutely love it myself so after the spring show I may see if you are up to making another one and GIVE ME A PRICE on it!! LOL! Your work is absolutely gorgeous, she has had several people comment on the purse how much they like it including the cashier today while she and I were with Dustin at Wally world.. Thanks so much!!
**Check out Tina's beautiful purses and jewelry on Fb Hansleygirl (Tina Burdette)

Friday, February 10, 2012

A prayer answered!!

Been 2 years since my dear little Dustin has been here with me and tonight he is finally here again, spending the weekend with me! My heart is over joyed. God is great!

My sweet baby girl Celena came over to spend the night too, she is so happy to see Dustin again. She and I will find somewhere to go tomorrow to get out with Dustin for a little while.

My sweet grandson Dustin, always wants to make a goofy face when the camera is on him.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

My visit with Kelly, Brianna and Dustin today!


Dustin and Brianna, Kelly in background too. Brianna is singing and in motion all the time, Dustin is as beautiful and precious as ever and Kelly looks great and is doing well. I had lunch with them and spent a few hours visiting today. Dustin will be spending the weekend with me next weeekend! I will pick him up Friday after school. Can't wait. I put video of Dustin skateboarding and more pics of our visit today on my FB. Dustin made me a beautiful Valentine card while I was there, made from construction paper and doillies, he wrote "I love You Grandma".. then he made me a heart out of pipe cleaners and twined them together. I will treasure them forever!!
My heart is still melted, I have missed him so much.