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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All Out The Door!

This is a single customer order(above), my Olde Prairie Blessings Vac Cover doll.
Pattern or finished item available on my website, also as e-pattern.

Just some little dollies...... Part of a wholesale order

More wholesale order

Still wholesale order....

YUP... Still wholesale order..............

6 Mammy Bag Holders in the box.. still wholesale order

My new Witch Head Door Hanger .. part of this wholesale order too!

E-pattern or mailed version available on my blog and website, also available finished

My Colonial Blessings Vac Cover doll, had three of these made up, two were for this wholesale order and one as a single customer order. All of this stuff went out the door today along with 6 pattern orders so I need to go full force ahead (if that is possible..LOL!) with my sewing , the show right around the corner!! All that comes to mind is..YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Celena is supposed to get started on some stitchery pillows for the show. She will be here later tonight.

***** (Above) My "Colonial Blessings" Vac Cover as pattern or finished item is available from my website or blog, also available as E-pattern. Thanks for stopping by and God Bless! Have a Great week Everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Which is Witch???

Me and my Witch vacuum cover doll at Sandy's house... can you tell Which is Witch?? LOL!! Pattern is available on my website

Monday, September 19, 2011

The "Gang" all here!

My baby Celena, me, and Sandy at Cracker Barrel today... seems to be our meeting up place any time we travel and meet! But we have the same old stores here as everyone else does so there wasn't a whole lot of places to go that were interesting.. we all went to Albany instead of here in Moultrie. There isn 't hardly anything in Moultrie except a walmart! But gee, that Hobby Lobby in Albany had the nastiest restrooms of any public place I have seen in years!! It was absolutely disgusting in the ladies bathroom, just had been neglected for a VERY long time , the toilets and sinks were coated in filth, dirty rings all in them from not being cleaned, just horrid.

Celena, me, and Sami. The girls went to shop for a bride's maid dress and Sandy and I went to Hobby Lobby and all those interesting places(LOL). Then we all 4 met at Golden Corral for lunch, then out to the stores again. Was a nice day. Sandy and I went to the Dollar Tree, Sandy wanted me to ask the price on an item just to see if they would page some one to do a price check..LOL.. get it... Dollar tree... everything is a dollar!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Unexpected Visit!

Looks like Sandy and Samantha will be here tomorrow for the day so we are all going to Albany.. Samantha and my daughter Celena have the shopping bug so they are going shopping so I guess Sandy and I will do our thing... hit Hobby Lobby and Jo Ann Fabrics. Also the Wallly World in Albany never removed their fabric dept so we can check that out too. Might meet the girls for lunch if we can time it right. Will be a short visit but that is better than nothing!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sandy and Me!

Sandy and me.. we are thinking this was taken a few years after we first got together as friends..oh to go back to those days!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NEW Witch Fall Pattern! Glenda Witch

This is Glenda, an easy to make BIG 23" Witch head w/hat. She has an ugly unsightly wart on her nose! Mailed version is available now for $8.00. Hope to have the e-pattern ready this evening, had trouble with my scanner lately but I hope to have that fixed later tonight.
E-Pattern will be $6.00. Paypal button for mailed pattern is at right of picture, hope to add e-pattern as soon as I get my scanner straightened out. Have a Blessed Day Everyone!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hard days work

I worked my rear end off today, running around here like a crazy woman. Was hot, sweating like crazy, had to stop and get a shower. Have cooked,baked, & grilled food today,cleaned and cleaned house, plus taking care of my ex.. my daughter's dad who is recovering from surgery. So he is lying up in the bed with the a/c and a fan on him all comfy, I look around and I see Miley kitty lying on her back on the couch enjoying the cool air blowing from the a/c right on her while she sleeps so good, then there is that crazy dog lying on her back sleeping on the back porch and what you can't see is a fan right there by her back legs blowing right on her! I was thinking I am so glad everyone else is so comfy while I sweat bullets and work my tail off! LOL!