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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So Much to DO! So Little Time!

Oh gee, Seeeew much to do!! I am racing against the clock every day and my arms and fingers are about to fall off! Shoulder is killing me, can't raise my left arm due to my elbow pain far enough to even wash my face.. but I have a deadline to meet. Wish I knew some one close by me in town who knew how to sew where I wouldn't have to ship anything to have it done and had the $$ to pay them!!! I have tons of half finished bodies everywhere, lots of naked dolls and snowmen and reindeer begging to be finished! I love these big guy prim snowmen(pic at bottom of this post)! It is a pattern I had sitting around forever by Blue Moon Beginings, didn't realize how big he is so he was perfect but oh my does he take a LOT of stuffing but I love him, he is great! . I changed the feet on him and painted the boots on from the rounded original to more of a boot shape cause I think it lookes more prim, made the hat a little larger also and I embroidered his nose instead of using a stick. I also stitched "1802" on his lower body just for the heck of it and sticthed cloves down his front for buttons. I searched high and low for the longest time for my bag of whole cloves I knew I had and FINALLY found them sitting right in front of my face! I like these whole cloves cause they are much larger than ones in the store, I had ordered them years ago from Atlantic Spice Company.. All he needs now is trim around his boots and mittens, a shovel in his hand and a scarf around his neck. The crate with all the snowmen with hats are from Sandy's snowmen patterns (The Olde Country Cuoboard).They were all super fast to make up. Just have some detailing to do and they are done. All of the snowmen need their scarfs! Then there is a white crate with reindeer and snowmen, Reindeer are going to be part of the lighted santa reindeer box that is a pattern of Sandy's and the big round stained snowmen are from a Country Friends Pattern, Vintage 6 of those going. I also have several crates of dolls and santas I started last year and never got done b/c I was in Atlanta having life saving surgery this time last year! Matter of fact I think it was a year ago yesterday that I had the surgery. Gosh I hope nothing goes wrong this year! Sure can make you scared. Sandy and I have both had a really hard and challenging couple of years here lately. We both lost parents and both have had surgeries and health issues of our own. Well I better get to work, I have SEEEEW much to do!!! Got some Christmas music on to help me feel more like sewing up santas and such and also the wonderful smell of cloves and cinnamon in the air from my tarts. Very calming and relaxing. Blessings to all.

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  1. looks like you have been busy, I love those big snowmen. May have to dig out that pattern for my to do list.
    take care.