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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Curly and Me Today!

Oh I just love Curly, had him for so many years. Celena and I picked some flowers that grow wild all up and down my road, it is a dirt road with cows right there in the pasture in the front of my house. I think these flowers are black eyes susan's?? They are all up and down the road this time of year and so beautiful! I fed a few to Curly, he was upset cause he wanted to go out for the walk with me but I didn't have time, was in a hurry so will take him out later. He stood at the gate and Baahaaa'd at me the whole time, poor baby. So we took a few pics after picking flowers.


  1. Oh Curly is sooo cute Carmen. You can see the look of love for you in his eyes!!! He is one lucky goat to have you.. Hugx Jackie.

  2. Sweet, you can tell he really loves you too.