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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hahira Honey Bee Festival

Did the little show today about 25 minutes from my house, Hahira Honey Bee Festival. Tons of people attended. Seemed much bigger than last year. Other than a stitchery pillow, I sold all Fall stuff which is good cause that is mostly all we had. Different assortments of pumpkins,the wild turkeys, the big harvest basket, and lots of the witch hats sold. It was a very nice day weatherwise too, did get a bit warm though but we put the canopy tent up behind the display and stayed shaded all day. The gentleman at the booth next to me was oh so very kind and helpful. It was a nice day, nice parade and just a nice old fashioned simple day in a little community that looks like a day in "Mayberry". !


  1. Your booth looks awesome and so glad you had a good day!!!!

  2. glad you had a good show, everything looks great & there's those turkeys again! LOL

  3. Your booth looks great. Can't wait till my first show.