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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall Items ready to go!

I worked all day and night finishing up the items in this pic and the one below. I believe I ended up with about 8 large witch hats, 5 pumpkins with the crows & witch hat, 3 lighted pumpkins, about 4 odd ball pumpkins with just leaves and sweet Annie, two black pumpkins with faces and then I had these two little pumpkins left over and found a crow in a drawer so I put it together in this basket, sorry the pic is a little blurred. My poor fingers and hands are throbbing from all the sanding and staining, etc. Had my "Help me, Help me my nerves are shot" phone call to Sandy this morning. I ALWAYS do this right b/f a show! As many years as I have been doing shows I still get stressed and wired a couple days b/f show time and always have to call Sandy and get it together in my mind and it always works. After we talked I got right to work and finished all this stuff. Thanks Sandy, as usual! Just hope I can come home without all this stuff and hopefully it will all have new homes!

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