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Sunday, October 31, 2010

My family grew by 4 feet!

Oh yes, just put an "Every one and anything welcome" sign in my front yard! This is Bristol, my new 4 footed addition to the family...poor little doggy weighs 6 pounds, she was found out on the hwy running scared to death, looked very healthy and well cared for. My daughter felt so bad for her and brought her home to me.. oh gee. But the dog is so darn affectionate and lovable you just have to love her. She knows a lot of commands like sit, stay , shake, go out, etc. She is house broken, WHEW! I tried to find out who she belonged to but no luck, went down the roads close to where she was found and no one claimed to have ever seen her b/f..., she was found on the hwy about an hour from me. I checked their news papers and such, went on line and searched lost and founds, took her to our local vet for a micro chip scan but no luck so I have had her about a month now. I must say she is just precious though and very smart. She took right up here , loves Miley and Miley loves her as you can see in this pic! I don't need any more animals and didn't need this one but her only other option was the dog pound. I couldn't do that to her, just look into her sweet eyes and will make you cry. She is so attached to us now and was so scared I couldn't bare the thought of sending her off to the pound. We tried to find her a good home, thought we had, a young couple took her that lived in Atlanta, we stressed to them to bring her back if it didn't work out and sure enough a week later they brought her back and decided they didn't want her. The poor thing was traumatized, had bloody diarrhea and was just scared to death. Took her a week to settle down. I felt so bad for having given her away but she is back and I will make sure she stays here now. I never would have let them have her if I didn't think it was going to be a good thing but some people just don't have the patience for animals and the animal ends up the poor little victim. Wish I could open an animal rescue, I mean I feel like I already have one going! Anyway, this is Bristol, my newest dog, she is full grown but very young and tiny. She is very clingy and insecure. We think she has miniature doberman and mini dachshund in her. Also got a cute pic of Miley sleeping with her blanky too. So sweet.


  1. AWWW! She's very sweet and very lucky to have you!! You seem to find (or they find you) all the good pets!!! Besides.....what's one more??!!

  2. Thanks Judy,they are all so precious aren't they?? I love seeing people's pet pics!

  3. I love that you are able to keep Bristol ( is that after Sarah Palin's daughter?). She certainly made the right decision in loving you and your home. Looks like Miley has a nap buddy, for sure!

  4. Maybe Bristol is one of those rare dogs that lose their family due to moving and try to walk home a long distance, thus the reason she was unknown in your area.