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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Harvest Basket

I had found this big old basket probably several years ago and have hung onto it. Finally found use for it today. I had several pumpkins left over that didn't stand up right by themselves and had the yams and potatoes I had made from a sasafrass hill pattern years ago, a crow and a big sunflower from my Sunflower Friends pattern, so I put a bunch of this stuff together to create a big harvest basket, it is BIG. Had to snitch the batteries out of the TV remote for my camera so I will wait to hear my child scream when she gets all comfy on the couch and realizes she will have to get up off her lazy duff to change a station tonight..LOL. On another note, I am about ready to take a sledge hammer to this camera!! I have the exact same one as Sandy, hers takes great pics so that is why I had bought this one..and mine is awful! I can't seem to get the settings right. I sat with her and went through and set mine same as her settings but of course you hit buttons here and there and anyway, this is the result! So aggravating. I keep fooling with it and trying to get it set again but guess I will have to call her and go through it for the better settings. Trying to figure a price to put on this basket, it is definitely chock full of goodies!

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