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Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving and Family visiting at my house

Me (in dark blue T-shirt) w/ my brother Jimmy,
and on the right is my sister, Teresa, and her hubby Bob

Jimmy and his wife Sophie w/ Teresa and Bob

Me and Teresa

Celena and Chloe with little doggie Weston at the Lighting on The Square Thanksgiving Night.

Santa's reindeer at the Lighting on The Square Thanksgiving Night.

Celena's Husky, Lysha, peeking in the porch door waiting on her Thanksgiving dinner

My brother Jimmy, brother in law Bob, me and of course Curly!

Jimmy and Bob had fun with my BB gun in the backyard, like a couple of little kids shooting at boxes and junk. Think they probably even shot at each other at some point. Bob is a retired Sherriff deputy so he probably misses being shot at...LOL.

Sophie and Curly, Bristol off in the background

I set out my Christmas decorations b/f my company came in and gave them their gifts while they were here since we won't be together for Christmas. Corky curled up under the tree.

Lighting at the Square Thanksgiving Night. Sophie, Jimmy, Teresa and Bob.

Ruby and Chloe(Michael's half sisters), his step mom Louise, and Celena at the square Thanksgiving Night. We all met up there, it was a lot of fun.

Me and my bro Jimmy

NOW....... some Thanksgiving Food! WootWoot!We smoked the turkey, it is soo delicious Pepper Bread and Pecan Pie!

My sweet little baby Celena in the kitchen helping on Thanksgiving Day

Celena's dad (my ex) came over for the festivities too, he and Sophie played and sang, Jimmy played bass and sang with them also. Sophie played the Dulcimer, Ronnie was playing guitar. We enjoyed the jam session. They did a lot of gospel music. Was a good time.

Miley had enough of us all so he burried his head into the arm of the couch and went to sleep!


  1. OH Carmen! I am drooling over that awesome display of food:O YUMMY!!!! Curly is looking so handsome and love the pic of Lysha, had been wondering about her, she looks good:) Looks like you had a lovely time with family! The kids and my grandbaby are coming home for Christmas, will be here 12 days:D

  2. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving, Carmen!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen