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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Santas and Mice

These guys are almost done, I have 7 of them made up, got 2 more to finish off and they will be done finally! He is a new Santa pattern, hope to have him in e-pattern form by the weekend being over, probably be late tonight or tommorrow after church b/f I get him listed on here as e-pattern. I have a pile of half finished stuff sitting in this chair they are piled on top of.


This is an old board I have outside by the fence where I do a lot of my staining and painting to dry in the sun. I didn't realize I had this many mice done up, sat and made them one evening while watching FootBall, just told Sandy I thought I had about 20 or 25 of the mice BUT I counted them a minute ago and I have 45!!!! Sooo, got less than a week to figure out something to do with all of them! They need their tails and whiskers and they will be done.

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  1. lol that's a lot of mice, you may need the pieded piper to come in LOL you're doing a great job! I need 1/2 ok all of your energy! LOL the santas look great!