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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nooks & Crannies, and my Grand Doggies!

I love this old raggedy black santa. He was from a booth at "Christmas Made In The South" in Jacksonville

Sandy gave me this Santa in the Stocking last year, she made it, he is from one of her Olde Country Cupboard line patterns.

This is a snowman from a SMF pattern, a lady made it and I purchaed him off ebay a couple years ago.

My magazine rack full of Christmas pillows.

My Olde piano done up for a Prim Christmas

A Raggedy Santa I have had for probably 10 years or more. He sits in the Christmas Rocker I purchased from Tucker's FarmHouse booth at Market Days in Tallahassee a number of years ago. Miley's food dish is next to him so Miley's rear end is in the pic too.

Just another view in the living room next to the old cupboard of quilts. I got this standing santa
marked down really cheap last year after Christmas at CVS in Starke while visiting Sandy. The hanging Santa is made by the same woman who made the really prim black santa.

Close up of an old crate standing on end with my lamp on it and poinsettias in a wooden antique shoe shine box.

An old sled standing on end holding these snow guys with some greenery and grapevine under my wall lamp. The snowmen bag is from Honey and Me purchased from a country gift shop in Jacksonville, since gone out of business though..boohoo.

Celena is flying to North Carolina in the morn to visit one of our dear friends, Melody. She will be there for a few days so I get to babysit my precious grand doggies, Lyra and Lysha. She brought them over today.

Me with Lyra and Lysha

Lyra saying HELLO! Celena had them both shaved a couple months ago, Mohawks every time!

Me and Lysha.

My Grand Doggies

My tree in the living room is old as the hills, I have dragged it around to craft shows all those years. I stole the idea of the candles from Sandy last year and she stole the idea from some where she had seen them(heehee), used the candy cane painted candles, I cut rusty wire and wrapped them for hangers and put them on my tree. It also has a string of small brown cord silicone tip bulbs, this is all the decorations I want on it. Prim and Simple. I am proud to say that every single thing in my house and everything that I own, including my mini van, I worked for, bought and paid for myself over the past many years with no help from No "man". My antiques were all road side finds or bargains at unbelieveable prices, all my Christmas items were hand mades or things marked WAY down after Christmas from years passed and a few items were given to me as gifts.I have worked and earned everything I have. My marriage of 21 years gained me nothing but outrageous stress and I had to work my tail off to have anything for my child or for myself all those years with no help from her dad. I was so happy when I was finally able to walk out that door, start over and take everything with me that I had busted my behind for all those years. I am proud to have what I do, it is nothing fancy by no means but it is cozy and it is home I LOVE the house I live in and I am so happy to have my own place and thankful for all I have. Blessings to All!!

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  1. Carmen, your house looks so warm & cozy, you have such a way with decorating, and so festive for the holidays!...looks like mine w/ the dogs, I am up to 6 now, , 5 are mini, the size of cats, but still, OH MY STARS!
    Miss hearing from you, feeling pretty depressed, terry is not doing well at all, please email when you get a chance! Love ya! HUGS!