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Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Dolls and Patterns

I have some old stiffened quilt wings outside drying so these girls will get their wings b/f being packed away.

Couldn't find anything to put in her basket that resembles an egg that was appropriate size for her, since her dress is chicken fabric I wanted to have eggs in the basket so I looked around and saw the pecans I had picked up out of the yard so I just quickly painted two of them off white and Waa-laa! Perfect size eggs for her basket.

These Raggedies are holding old quilt PinWheels. Hope to get these in e-pattern form w/i the next few days. So little time left b/f the show. These are all my new patterns, actually all of the above dolls are just made from two different new patterns.


  1. Your dollies are so prim perfect, I love them all wings or not. Do you sell patterns for these?
    Love your header, I have a rocker just like that one up in my attic.
    Country at heart

  2. love the Annies & new patterns, looks great!

  3. Love the new dolls, Thank you for the Hope Angel pattern, I am making her today with a few of my own twists on her, love the pattern, did the vacuum cover, came out great! will be talking to you soon! HUGS!

  4. Your new dolls are awesome! Great idea painting pecans to use as 'eggs'!!