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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Lunch

My "fresh out of the oven, butter bubbling out the top, home made Chicken Pot Pie!" Is your mouth watering yet?? Mine sure is. Got home from church this afternoon, took the doggies out and let Curly go for a short walk to graze in the woods and then I came in and made this Chicken pot pie, always from scratch, don't eat frozen dinners! It smells soo good, put lots of Itallian Seasoning in it, just had to take a pic, LOL, fresh out of the oven. Blogging while I waited for it to cool a little....Well, time to get a glass of iced Tea and have myself some Sunday Lunch...just me and my doggies! Blessings to all.


  1. OH YUMMY!!!!!! That looks so good I could come to GA and eat it right up, LOL!!!!!! Hope your having a good weekend;)

  2. comfort food@ I LOVE chicken pot pie, but, I agree about the frozen stuff, Marie Callendar's has a good one at her eatery, Yours looks amazing!!