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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just Because....

Just a really Blah wet cold day, rain and thunder all day practically. Unloaded some pics off the camera I had forgotten I took last week. This is my bedroom, the old bed came from my Dad's shed after he passed away. He had told me to take it b/f he passed away. The hanging light came from Sandy's mom and dad, he gave it to me after his wife passed away.
This is my Bayshore High School Graduation picture, Bradenton, Florida where I am from. The picture hangs on my bedrom wall. Oh to be that size again!
Miley on my bed.
This is a lamp I had ordered from Colonial Tin some long time ago, think it stayed in a box for almost a year or more b/f I ever even opened it and set it out.
A bunny I had won off ebay a couple months ago. I really like it, it is simple and very well done.
Another pic of my old bed, I love the floor lamp standing beside the bed. It is very old also.
Came home with 20 bolts of fabric last week. Most of them were not full bolts. Some one I knew was selling off a lot of their fabrics so I went to their house and shopped. Got great deals on it.

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  1. Love the punched tan lantern.I remeber when hubby and I first started out we had a antique bed like that it was his aunt's.Warm Blessings!~Amy