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Monday, April 4, 2011

Nothing Happened

Waited here until 7 pm for them to come back and shear Curly today as they said they would, I had to leave then to run an errand. They had called and also sent me a text earlier yesterday so they knew how to reach me plus know where I live of course. But they just didn't bother showing, calling texting,.... nothing. So Curly still has a horrible chop job hair cut on one side and scraggly long hair everywhere else and I am in excruciating pain still, mostly my shoulder. Guesss I will have to search once again for some one to shear him. We are supposed to have severe storm cell move through here all night from about midnight through around 7 a.m, so I am going to buckle down and try to stay awake, it is about 10:30 pm now...those storms scare me! So I will probably weather watch all night! Might take the dogs, some blankets, and sleep in the barn with Curly tonight, not kidding either! Have a Blessed evening everyone.


  1. Carmen,
    I know what you mean with storms. I too am afraid of them. We are getting some of that nasty stuff here. I'm surprised they did not come back to try and finish with Curly. They may contact you tomorrow. I'm worried that you may have something broken if your still in so much pain. Please take care of yourself and stay safe. Sending prayers your way.

  2. Shame on them! Hoping they have a good reason for not showing and be safe in those storms carmen, I am afraid of them too!

  3. Hope you feel better fast.They were probly scared from the day before,hopefully you didn't pay them.I have that problem with my one dog getting his nails done.He's sweet but is a fighter for the nails.I had a girl that could do him and she quit the groomers.The vet wants to sedate him which is not what I want so it's been a real pain trying to get a simple task done.Take it easy a few days.Warm Blessings!~Amy