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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dolls Shipped Off Today

Got these three dolls shipped off today to customers. My shoulder is still in sooo much pain, didn't think I would ever get them boxed and then to the post office. But thank God that chore is now done. The Mammy Vac cover is from my Primitive Mammy Vac Cover design, available as pattern or finished on website.
This is my Betsy's Flag design Vac Cover, also available as pattern or finished on my website
This is my Olde Prairie Blessings Vac Cover design, again, she is available on website as pattern or finished.


  1. Love that Betsy's Flag vac cover! Awesome!! Hope your shoulder gets better soon, I know I have been having trouble with mine lately and it's not fun!


  2. Thanks so much Brenda! Hope yours gets better too. Hugs, Carmen

  3. I love your dolls, they are all awesome!! Hope you get feeling better! Lecia

  4. You are so talented!! Love these. Hope you're feeling better.