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Sunday, April 3, 2011

I got brutalized this afternoon....OOUCH soo bad!

I got beat up this afternoon. New people came to shear Curly, they were professional with gentle lambs and small goats they show and raise BUT had no idea what they were in for. Curly is stubborn, strong, spoiled, demanding and will fight with all he has when it comes to shearing. They put him on a metal platform and put his head into that thing, he fought like heck, there were 4 or us! I had to help hold him with all my might which tore up my hands, ankles, & shoulder cause of the bad RA I have. He pulled my shoulder joint really bad when he tried to run with me when I had the leash on him, almost pulling me to the ground. Curly was so upset trying to get lose, he bucks and jumps frantically, ends up kicking me right smack in the chest with that hoof about 2" below my throat on those bones. That is hurting worse by the hour. I am aching so bad from trying to hold onto him. I feel like my fingers,shoulder, hands and ankle joints are on fire, fingers,hands and shoulder are pulsating in pain. When I lie down and close my eyes I feel like I am falling. Can hardly walk now and I was just in tears this afternoon cause I can't stand to see Curly so upset and the shearing gets so brutal. But this time I was the one who got brutalized! I am so afraid he is going to have a heart attack from the stress cause he is old. I have had him about 13 years. He didn't mean to hurt me of course, he was just so upset. So as it ends up he finally breaks their clippers, snaps the metal post that he was chained to right off the platform, tears off running into the back yard and into the barn with the metal post and chain still attached to him. They got that off and decided they will have to drug him tomorrow (Monday) to finish the job and bring larger heavy duty clippers. Now I am so scared the drugs may kill him. They told me today he is better off being upset and stressed than drugged due to his age. But his hair is sooo very long and felted and just a horrible mess this time, he has to be sheared. They said the felted tight hair is probably pinching and hurting him too, I agree. It started to grow out after I had that surgery year ago October, so I was unable to really deal with trying to handle him in any way for almost a year due to that back surgery and he is so strong, doesn't want to be brushed or anything. So now his hair is an awful mess and needs to come off for his health and comfort. I love Curly so much, he is my baby and all I have here anymore. He is like a dog that you are so terribly attached to. After they left he was fine, except he had a horrible chop job done with about a 20" by 20" place shaved on one side only! I was still in tears and upset that he would be ill. But looks like I got the much worse end of it all but I'd rather it be me than poor Curly. I went back out to the back yard later and he came up to me, I bent down a little, cause he wanted to give me a kiss,That is how he does... he gives me kisses on the cheek and then he laid his head on my shoulder so I would hug him, so of course I did. He is so special to me, I hate to think of losing him. Hope and pray tomorrow will go smooth, don't think I can stand to watch. If you are an animal lover, please say a prayer for his safety and comfort tomorrow. Well back to the couch, I am in horrible and I mean horrible pain. All I have done is lay there and cry and moan for over a couple hours. Have the fan on and the dog is lying at the other end of the couch and keeps farting so guess where it is blowing, oh yes, lovely odor! Last thing I need tonight, a gassy dog. Why can't every day just go smooth?? Don't even begin to try to answer that!


  1. Ah poor Curly - it's so hard to let them know things like this is for their own good and non one is there to harm and hurt them. Good thoughts for you tomorrow and for curly - hope you feel better.

  2. Wow..I am sorry you are in so much pain...couldn't they give him a shot to just make him groggy? I know how hard it is to see our 4 legged best friends go through any pain or upsetting them.
    Please let us know how it goes and I will say a prayer for him :)

  3. Carmen,
    Praying Curly will be fine and that you are not seriously hurt.

  4. Curly will be in my prayers for an easier time of it today carmen, I know how the pain can be, I worked at an animal hospital for years before my back and fibro. forced me to quit, and struggling to hold on to those LARGE dogs who fight and wrestle, I would come home in tears from the pain. I hope it settles down for you and maybe see the Dr. for that kick to the chest if it doesn't!