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Monday, January 31, 2011


I was out in my wood shop looking for something to go in the kitchen on the bar and recovered a piece of old table top and some old boards that were made into a frame so I pounded and pounded the frame with a hammer to make it fit the table top for the backing and stuck another piece of wood into it for a shelf and came up with this for a display piece to hold my crocks and a couple of chickens. The gas stove that originally was in here is no longer useable so it is in a shed. I had bought this wall oven and glass top stove that is a counter top style. Never was able to do any casing in for the oven so the ugly side was still exposed but this helps hide that side of it. Oh my arms and shoulder are in merciless pain now from all that hammering and pounding, my RA has been acting up bad enough lately and now I feel like I could just collapse! Well, time to go get the BenGay and heating pad and settle in on the couch for a while in hopes this pain will ease up!


  1. LOL...I love that you are "piddling" and I LOVE that shelf you made, it looks awesome Carmen, and I hope the pain settles down some for you ((HUGS))

  2. Looks as if all that pounding paid off, what a wonderfully rustic display. You have inspired me to try one... Thank you!

    I hope the rest and Ben Gay has brought some releif.

    I found you from Parkers Paradise blog list, hope you'll come by for a visit sometime.