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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Who Needs a Husband Anyway??

Why bother having a husband when I have this wonderful cat that does nothing to help me around here and can sit there and watch FootBall all day?!! LOL!! Miley was at it again this past week when the play off games were on. But I must say I am the hopeless FootBall fanatic here! FootBall is the only reason I even care to have a TV and about the only thing I care to watch for the most part. Hate to see the season end, And I guess Miley does too, I can have the TV on all day and night and he responds to nothing except FootBall and when it comes on , there he goes.. right to that seat and in front of the TV! He knows the sounds and it gets his attention. Nothing else on TV does. Yup, I just love this cat.. we can watch FootBall together and enjoy a cup of Strawberry Activia together..LOL!! Posted down below Miley grabbing the Activia away from me, he devours that stuff! We fight over it.


  1. LOL Carmen! That is so cute! We had friends who had a prayer meeting at their house for a while and after that any time some one said "prayer" or "Jesus" that cat would come running and would take a seat. They started calling him the prayer cat. I didnt' believe it til I saw it.


  2. I just love that cat!! LOL!!


  3. I love hearing what Miley is up too! I wish my two would be so entertaining. :)

  4. What a cool cat. He knows what he likes and he likes football and YOUR yogurt. Too funny.