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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Christmas decorations put away

Guess Miley has been bored lately. Hides under the rug in the kitchen and
watches me trip over him while I am trying to cook! This rug has about had
it, ready for the trash!

Need to put the sled away but other than that most everything Christmas has been put
away. This is the bar in the kitchen.

More of the kitchen

Still needs some cleaning up.......Stove , kitchen

My bedroom

Part of Living room, Zoey curled up in the recliner

Threw a blanket over the couch since the dogs lay on it so much. Usually have the dark blue
blanket on it that matches but it is in the wash. (More Living room)

More Living room, Love seat with applique pillow Sandy made and gave to me left over
from her Fall shows. I am a big fan of Sarah Sporrer, this is one of her designs.
Miley is napping on the back of the Love Seat. One of my favorite posessions hangs
above the Love seat on the wall...., this big chime clock I got from a local antique store
years ago. It was made in the late 1800's.
Still has the original key to wind it up and all original parts.

An old trunk Celena's dad gave to me years ago that he found at a Flea Market. Think he
paid about three dollars for it. I really like it, still use it for a coffee table.
And sitting on the trunk is one of my Dad's old Bible's that I have, priceless to me!
Dad could wear out a Bible faster than any one, he definitely studied the word.

Looks empty w/o the Christmas stuff all around. Snapped a few shots tonight after cleaning up. Can't get a pic w/o the dogs or cat in it.


  1. Love your house Carmen and LOVE that old trunk!!! We had a high of about 9 today here in PA, UGH! SO ready for spring to come!!!

  2. everything looks good, got to make room for me and samantha.

  3. Your home looks so cozy and inviting. I love your kitchen and the kitty under the rug. Now that's cute. Your bedroom star quilt is grand. Those of us with pets totally understand having throws on couches. We all have them. LOL I finally started putting thick towels on the back of the livingroom couch since that was their favorite place. I bought some that matched the couch and they worked well. Thanks for sharing your home.

  4. I got your snow pics posted...come over and see:D